Five Questions You Should Ask Your Educational Consultant About Universities

Hiring an educational consultant? Ask these questions first.
What should you ask your educational consultants

Educational consultants like us help prospective students find the best universities that meet their needs. Not only should consultants consider university rankings and school performance when making a recommendation, but it’s also essential to consider the needs and interests of the student. It is also part of our job to explain and guide clients through the whole process of enrolling in a school in the UK – this includes the application process, taking the entrance exams or aptitude tests, submitting visa applications, and so on.

With all the information that is readily available on the internet, it can be overwhelming to sift through dozens of prospectuses and UCAS application guides yet still fret about filling in a form incorrectly. That’s where us educational consultants come in as your helping hand and to give you the assurance you need in this stressful time. That being said, it’s important for clients, especially the prospective student, to take the time to ask their consultant these crucial questions:

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1. How many universities do you offer?

Some educational consultants have partnerships with certain universities. This means that they may recommend some places over others or they may only assist with applications to certain institutions. While this is a fairly common practice and it may not affect the quality of services offered by the consultant, this might mean that you may not be shown every available option.

2. What are your fees? What is the full range of services offered for the fee?

This is an essential question for any type of service provider! It’s always best to know what the full range of services are and if additional fees will be charged for other services. You may want to ask your consultant if they will assist with the visa application process or if they provide additional services such as securing accommodation.

3. What are your university recommendations based on?

Many consultants tend to make recommendations based on university rankings alone. This might suit the needs of some who want to be sure they’re receiving quality education, but rankings do not determine every aspect of student life.

Have your consultant make additional recommendations based on student life and the campus location as well. Address any concerns you might have about the university at this stage because this will determine the next few years of your life as a student.

4. What is the campus like?

The campus and its location is something that will have an impact on your daily life as a student. Be sure to ask about the campus location – Is the campus easily accessible? Where is the nearest city? How far away is the airport? Are there nearby AirBnBs if your family would like to visit? This is also the time to ask about campus facilities and student accommodation – some university dorms only accept first-year students so you may have to find a new place in a year.

5. What is student life like at this university?

We always encourage students to strike a good balance between studying and having fun. Do consider your interests when you’re selecting a university. Some students enjoy studying in a vast, spacious library, while some others might love sports such as rowing and would love to join a team. Many students like to be near the city, but not too close for it to be a distraction. A good consultant would be happy to adjust their recommendations to ensure that you enjoy your next few years in university.


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