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Every year, the Telegraph UK publishes the rankings of all independent UK schools based on each school’s A-level or GCSE results. Here you can find the top Independent UK schools and apply for them.

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best uk boarding schools for drama

Best UK Boarding Schools For Drama (Updated 2024)

Outside of academics, UK Boarding Schools are well known for nurturing theatrical talent in students who are passionate about drama. In this guide, we explore the top boarding schools known for their dramatic arts departments, and what they have to offer in this arena.

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culford school review

Culford School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

Discover Culford School, a prestigious private day and boarding institution catering to boys and girls aged 1-18 years. Situated in the vibrant locale of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Culford offers quality education and holistic development for its students. Explore our Culford School review here.

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mpw colleges review

MPW Colleges UK: Rankings, Reviews And More

Discover the ultimate MPW College guide, featuring comprehensive reviews, in-depth rankings, detailed fee information, and much more. Make informed decisions about your academic future with our invaluable resource. Explore the top-rated MPW Colleges, compare fees, and gain insights into what each institution has to offer.

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t levels guide

The Complete Guide To T-Levels: What You Should Know

T Levels are a revolutionary 2-year qualification designed to provide students with practical knowledge and skills for their chosen industries. T Levels offer a viable alternative to A levels, other post-16 courses, or apprenticeships. Developed in collaboration with employers and education providers, they are aimed at preparing students for entry into skilled employment, further technical study, or apprenticeships.

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guildford high school review

Guildford High School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

The Guildford High School is an academically-selective religious girls day school with two separate buildings for junior and senior schools. The school was founded in 1888 and is governed legally by the United Church Schools Trust, part of United Learning. The school provides an inclusive environment for pupils to grow academically regardless of background. Students there have an impressive track record of scoring above the national average in senior school. They also provide additional help to pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities to make sure all their pupils have the best environment to develop academically.

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cats college guide

CATS Colleges – Reviews, Rankings And More

The CATS Colleges were founded in 1952 as the Stafford House Tutorial College in Kensington, which was later moved to Canterbury. Since then, CATS Colleges have expanded to three other campuses in Cambridge and London in the UK and Boston in the US. CATS Colleges have set the gold standard for international college preparatory programmes

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royal high school bath review

Royal High School Bath Review: Rankings, Fees And More

The Royal High School Bath is located within walking distance of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath. Besides the diverse history and heritage of the region, the school is the sole provider of the International Baccalaureate programme in Bath. The school is also a member of the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools, The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), and it is the only GDST school to offer boarding options.

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warwick school review

Warwick School Reviews: Fees, Ranking And More

Warwick School is the oldest boys’ school in the country with a history dating back to the year 914. The school offers the best facilities in all independent schools with an expansive curriculum geared for the best academic results. The place offers the best environment for academically gifted pupils who thrive in an all-boys’ environment.

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lancing college review

Lancing College Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Lancing College is a self-contained campus in the South Downs. Established in 1848, the school is proud of its largest school chapel in the world. Its exceptionally impressive campus is a progressive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all academic-driven pupils.

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downe house school review

Downe House School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Downe House School students are known to “Work Hard – Aim High”, which results in 93% getting their first choice university. These universities are some of the UK’s most prestigious universities such as Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL, many other Russell Group universities, and even overseas ones.

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woldingham school review

Woldingham School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

Woldingham School is one of the UK’s leading and oldest girls’ schools. Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the school in 1842 as the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Initially a full boarding school, Woldingham has now extended to accommodate more than 600 pupils with multiple boarding and day options. Woldingham School is part of the global Sacred Heart Network with members in over 30 countries.

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eastbourne college guide

Eastbourne College Guide: Reviews, Rankings And More

Eastbourne College is located in a seaside town only an hour and a half from London. On the base of 150-year old flint buildings is a modern school with new classrooms and sports facilities. One of the top senior independent schools in the UK, its location gives its pupils the perks of enjoying a national park, an international tennis venue, a county cricket ground, two challenging golf courses and more, just a 6-minute stroll away.

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abingdon school guide

Abingdon School Guide: Reviews, Rankings And More

With a long history spanning 750 years, Abingdon School is truly an international school, with alumni from 63 countries around the world and a current pupil body from 18 countries. Many Sixth Form leavers from Abingdon School have ended up in the top Russell Group universities. In 2020, 12 alumni from Abingdon managed to secure positions in Oxbridge while a few others went overseas to study medicine. Read our full guide here.

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shrewsbury school review

Shrewsbury School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Shrewsbury School was founded in 1552 as one of the ‘great nine’ schools in England as identified by the Clarendon Commission of 1861. The school is located in one of the best locations for a school in the country with a beautiful campus on the edge of one of the most historic counties in England.

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benenden school review

Benenden School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Benenden School was founded in 1923 and is one of the UK’s finest and most prestigious girls’ boarding schools. The school is located in the heart of the Kentish countryside just within an hour’s journey from London. Read our full review of Benenden School UK here.

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Winchester College Guide

Winchester College Guide: Reviews, Rankings, Fees And More

Students from Winchester College usually enter the top Russell Group universities such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Durham and University of Bristol, with about a third of the year group choosing Oxford and Cambridge for their university life. Read our full Winchester College guide here.

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Truro High School For Girls Review

Truro High School For Girls – Reviews, Rankings And More

Truro High School for Girls is proud to provide a bespoke development for students’ skills, exceptional academic support, and first-class teaching in focussed classes that expand girl’s academic pursuits. Students have the opportunity to develop themselves beyond gender norms, to pursue whatever they aspire to be.

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UK Boarding School Guide Pastoral Care

UK Boarding School Guide: Pastoral Care

Enrolling your child in a UK boarding school? Read this first. Pastoral care refers to how boarding schools care for its students’ welfare. Our guide explains what pastoral care is, how it may differ from school to school, and how this is measured in quality assurance inspections.

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What are OFSTED Ratings

OFSTED Ratings Guide: What are OFSTED Ratings?

Everything you need to know about OFSTED. We explain OFSTED’s ratings and more. OFSTED is an independent party that inspects UK education services. It stands for the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. OFSTED conducts regular inspections on over 20,000 educational, training, or social care services provided to children in the UK.

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