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Every year, the Telegraph UK publishes the rankings of all independent UK schools based on each school’s A-level or GCSE results. Here you can find the top Independent UK schools and apply for them.

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downe house school review

Downe House School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Downe House School students are known to “Work Hard – Aim High”, which results in 93% getting their first choice university. These universities are some of the UK’s most prestigious universities such as Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL, many other Russell Group universities, and even overseas ones.

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woldingham school review

Woldingham School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

Woldingham School is one of the UK’s leading and oldest girls’ schools. Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the school in 1842 as the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Initially a full boarding school, Woldingham has now extended to accommodate more than 600 pupils with multiple boarding and day options. Woldingham School is part of the global Sacred Heart Network with members in over 30 countries.

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eastbourne college review

Eastbourne College Guide: Reviews, Rankings And More

Eastbourne College is located in a seaside town only an hour and a half from London. On the base of 150-year old flint buildings is a modern school with new classrooms and sports facilities. One of the top senior independent schools in the UK, its location gives its pupils the perks of enjoying a national park, an international tennis venue, a county cricket ground, two challenging golf courses and more, just a 6-minute stroll away.

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abingdon school review

Abingdon School Guide: Reviews, Rankings And More

With a long history spanning 750 years, Abingdon School is truly an international school, with alumni from 63 countries around the world and a current pupil body from 18 countries. Many Sixth Form leavers from Abingdon School have ended up in the top Russell Group universities. In 2020, 12 alumni from Abingdon managed to secure positions in Oxbridge while a few others went overseas to study medicine. Read our full guide here.

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shrewsbury school review

Shrewsbury School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Shrewsbury School was founded in 1552 as one of the ‘great nine’ schools in England as identified by the Clarendon Commission of 1861. The school is located in one of the best locations for a school in the country with a beautiful campus on the edge of one of the most historic counties in England.

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benenden school review

Benenden School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

Benenden School was founded in 1923 and is one of the UK’s finest and most prestigious girls’ boarding schools. The school is located in the heart of the Kentish countryside just within an hour’s journey from London. Read our full review of Benenden School UK here.

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winchester college review

Winchester College Guide: Reviews, Rankings, Fees And More

Students from Winchester College usually enter the top Russell Group universities such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Durham and University of Bristol, with about a third of the year group choosing Oxford and Cambridge for their university life. Read our full Winchester College guide here.

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truro high school for girls review

Truro High School For Girls – Reviews, Rankings And More

Truro High School for Girls is proud to provide a bespoke development for students’ skills, exceptional academic support, and first-class teaching in focussed classes that expand girl’s academic pursuits. Students have the opportunity to develop themselves beyond gender norms, to pursue whatever they aspire to be.

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UK Boarding School Guide Pastoral Care

UK Boarding School Guide: Pastoral Care

Enrolling your child in a UK boarding school? Read this first. Pastoral care refers to how boarding schools care for its students’ welfare. Our guide explains what pastoral care is, how it may differ from school to school, and how this is measured in quality assurance inspections.

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What are OFSTED ratings?

What are OFSTED Ratings?

Everything you need to know about OFSTED. We explain OFSTED’s ratings and more. OFSTED is an independent party that inspects UK education services. It stands for the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. OFSTED conducts regular inspections on over 20,000 educational, training, or social care services provided to children in the UK.

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caterham school review

Caterham School Guide: Reviews, Rankings Fees, And More

Founded in 1811, Caterham School is a massive 200-acre campus nestled in the beautiful Harestone Valley, where the campus’ glamorous Victorian architecture is complemented by an impressive array of innovative facilities such as the Sports Centre, Centre of Performing Arts, the Maggs Library, Digital Innovation Centre and more.

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malvern college uk review

Malvern College UK Guide – Reviews, Rankings, And Fees

Malvern College is an independent co-educational school that is set against the backdrop of exquisite Malvern Hills. The school has extensive academic facilities with fully equipped labs; the co-curricular facilities provided are also impressive with state-of-the-art equipment and playing courts.

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westminster school

Westminster School UK: Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

Westminster School is a place which embraces the art of thinking, that students are able to question and explore content, expanding their mind. Knowledge and understanding are one of which Westminster School takes pride in. Students of Westminster School have earned places at top schools worldwide and are known to achieve exceptional public examination results. Every year, 45% of pupils are accepted by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge!

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sevenoaks school

Sevenoaks School Guide: Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

Sevenoaks School is not just any ordinary boarding school. It was awarded the rare accolade of ‘Exceptional’ for its students’ achievement in 2013 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). At Sevenoaks, there are international students from around 45 countries around the world, adding so much diversity to the college.

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