International Baccalaureate 2019 Results And Rankings: The Top IB Schools In The UK

Looking for the top IB Schools in the UK? Here is the IB League Table 2019 for UK Schools.

We’ve compiled a list of top 40 Independent Schools in the UK which offer the International Baccalaureate program, based on the 2019 IB results. If you are specifically looking for an academically excellent school, it is also a good idea to consider this IB league table. The rankings are based on the average points achieved by sixth formers taking the Diploma Programme of the IB.

International Baccalaureate Results 2019 By Boarding School

RankAverage PointsSchoolDay Or Boarding SchoolTypeNo of Students
141.3Godolphin & Latymer SchoolDayGirls20
240.7King’s College School – WimbledonDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)75
340.4Cheltenham Ladies’ CollegeBothGirls25
440.2Wellington CollegeBothCo-ed96
539.4Sevenoaks SchoolBothCo-ed224
638.6Whitgift SchoolBothBoys40
738Ardingly CollegeBothCo-ed45
837.9King Edward’s School – BirminghamDayBoys103
937.5Bromsgrove SchoolBothCo-ed45
1037.4Headington SchoolBothGirls36
1137Fettes CollegeBothCo-ed40
1236.9Marymount International SchoolBothGirls36
1336.5St Clare’sBothCo-ed102
1536.2Southbank International SchoolDayCo-ed62
1636.1Portsmouth Grammar SchoolDayCo-ed22
1735.6Stonyhurst CollegeBothCo-edN/A
1835.4Oakham SchoolBothCo-ed63
1935.1Brentwood SchoolBothCo-ed33
2034.7King Edward’s WitleyBothCo-ed127
2134.5Worth SchoolBothCo-ed39
2234.3Bedford SchoolBothBoys28
2334.1Christ’s HospitalBothCo-ed28
2434.1ACS Egham International SchoolDayCo-ed51
2533.9Windermere SchoolBothCo-ed34
2633.8Felsted SchoolBothCo-ed29
2733.6St Edward’s School – OxfordBothCo-ed74
2833.6Charterhouse SchoolBothCo-ed58
2933.1Dwight School LondonDayCo-ed22
3033St Leonards SchoolBothCo-ed61
3133TASIS – The American School in EnglandBothCo-ed43
3232.7King William’s CollegeBothCo-ed55
3332.3Taunton SchoolBothCo-ed24
3432.2Bryanston SchoolBothCo-ed24
3532ACS Hillingdon International SchoolDayCo-ed22
3632International School of London, LondonDayCo-ed37
3731.9ACS Cobham International SchoolBothCo-ed78
3831.4Halcyon London International SchoolDayCo-ed24
3931Box Hill SchoolBothCo-ed24
4031Rossall SchoolBothCo-ed20