Why Send Your Child To A UK Boarding School

What are the advantages of sending your child to an overseas boarding school?

We are often asked by parents: What are the benefits of sending their children to boarding schools in the UK compared to remaining in their current place of education?

It is daunting to think that your child will be away from their familiar surroundings and security of their loved ones – they must leave and embrace an unknown environment. In reality, this is our first advantage: –

1) Facing a new environment and fending for themselves

We live in an age of global citizens, a world economy and shared culture. This is a trend that is still in its infancy; open boarders, innovative travel, virtual world work forces are predicted trends that our children face in their future.

2) Experiencing the world beyond their local environment. 

From the lush tropical jungle of Malaysia to the mild flora and fauna of the British Isles. From nasi lemak and char kuey teow to fish and chips and Cornish pasties.

We have dealt with many Malaysian students to understand one of the most difficult challenges they face is leaving the friendships they have worked so hard to develop. Although some are prepared by the coming and going of students in their international school environments, it can be a sensitive period to adjust to. 

At Britannia Malaysia – Study UK, we aim to make the transition easier by recounting the experience of our alumni – we are always connected to the one’s we love so we are always able to create new friendships that add to our lives.

3) it is a challenge to move away from friends, but remember we are always connected, it is a challenge to form new friendships, but we will and we wondered how it could have been any different

Studying in a UK boarding school is very different to an international school environment. There is a certain heritage and culture of learning that has been built and refined over a long tradition. There is therefore an expectation of excellence and a pride in performance that lifts all students to a level of potential that far exceeds what is possible in most schools.

4) A tradition of academic excellence

In addition to academic excellence, UK boarding schools are reputed for their wide range of extra curricular activities. From rugby and cricket, to mathletics and chess – there are countless activities to be chosen where students are nurtured and encouraged.

5) A variety of extra-curricular activities to suit all appetites

Here at Britannia Malaysia – Study UK, we help Malaysian students and parents in connecting them to the right boarding school and help in all steps in the process. We are a completely free service and aim to make your life much easier for you and your child. Set up a meeting today with our experienced staff on hand to answer any specific questions you have.