UK Medical Universities Map – 2025 Rankings and League Table

Are you interested to study medicine in the UK? Our article has a map that shows the location of all UK medical schools and more! Check out our article for the latest league tables, tuition fees, and entry requirements for medical programmes in the UK.

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UK Medical Universities Map

UK Medical Universities Map

Here is a map of all the UK medical schools:

UK Medical Schools - League Table (Latest 2025 Results)

Looking for the top medical schools in the UK? Here’s a list of all UK medical schools based on 2025 rankings.

UK Medical School Rankings - How Accurate Is It?

This year, we’ve seen some surprising changes in the Medicine rankings on The Complete University Guide’s League Table. How accurate are league tables exactly? We explain how league tables work and more in this article.

In the article, we compared The Complete University Guide’s past league table for Medicine. What we found is a number of drastic changes in terms of rankings for Swansea University, Keele University, and UCL.

With such drastic changes in the position of long-established universities for Medicine, it got us wondering what could have caused these changes in the 2022 league table. We looked into The Complete University Guide’s methodology for putting the league table together and we’ve found three factors that affect rankings:

  • Subjective indicators
  • Weightage
  • Missing information

Check out our article here which goes into further detail about how these factors affect the ranking of UK medical universities.

UK Medical School Entry Requirements

Are you interested to study medicine in the UK? If so, you’ll need to know the entry requirements for UK medical schools. Our comprehensive Complete Guide to Studying Medicine in the UK goes into great detail about entry requirements, entrance exams and more.

  • Age requirement: 17/18 years-old at the start of the course
  • A Level results: A*A*A – AAB
  • English proficiency: IELTS 7.0+, TOEFL 100+

Some, but not all UK medical schools may have additional requirements such as: 

  • I/GCSE results: 6/B and above
  • UCAT score: Top 30%, at least 2610 points
  • BMAT score: 6.0+

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to UCAT and BMAT for tips on how you can ace the exam and how the scores work!

UK Medical School Tuition Fees

Our league table above shows the annual tuition fees for all UK medical programmes. If you’re looking for affordable medical schools in the UK, you will need to read our article, Most Affordable UK Medical Programmes. In this article, we discuss some of our recommended universities teaching medicine that offer a good balance between education standards and tuition fees.

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