About Britannia StudyLink

Britannia StudyLink was established in 2013 with one main aim – to provide education consultancy services with a professional and caring approach. Founder Samuel Chan first went to the UK at the age of nine and completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick. Seventeen years of British education and experience inspired Samuel to establish Britannia in order to provide an unbiased and informative school selection platform for Hong Kong and Malaysian families.

We have witnessed the expansion of our operations in a relatively short period of time, but realize that our growth is only a result of our belief in, and execution of, our objectives and values, thus:

  • To provide access to world class international education, so that our students can develop the character and abilities they will need to become the next generation of leaders
  • To bring an international dimension to education in schools and higher education institutions
  • To maintain and develop trusted links with the Hong Kong and Malaysia community through the knowledge we have as education professionals and former students in the UK

The third goal is paramount to Britannia’s success and growth. The company cherishes its standing and position as a leader in Hong Kong for providing a solid platform for UK education to both parents and UK schools. Britannia has been able to exploit what was a previously underdeveloped oligopoly owing to the professional nature of its Directors who are all columnists and education professionals who are adept at catering to the needs of readers and Hong Kong families. Parents deserve to be kept up to date with changes to the UK education system, the application process to UK schools as well as being informed about forthcoming seminars and events which they can attend in Hong Kong. Alongside guest speakers from some of the best independent schools in the UK, Britannia’s devoted team is committed to holding regular seminars, events and presentations on a range of topics from applying to boarding schools to Oxbridge preparation courses.

Hong Kong and Malaysian families with a desire to send their children to the UK gained very little from the oligopoly market because education exhibitions were held very infrequently and they were the only viable means for families to apply to schools in the UK. Agencies tended to employ staff who knew very little about the schools they were recommending, and, as is still commonplace today, statistics and league tables were perhaps the most common indicator they relied on. Agencies tend to consider the figures first without due regard for an applicant’s personality and preferences. Britannia stepped up to the challenge of providing a THOROUGH service to Hong Kong and Malaysian families with our commitment that complete client satisfaction, as opposed to a quick turnover of cases, shall always be at the heart of the company’s philosophy. It really is about being with families and students “every step of the way” from the first handshake until that memorable graduation ceremony – and beyond.

How else is client satisfaction guaranteed? We pledge to visit the schools we recommend. As much as we respect our school partners, we do not simply recommend schools based on what we are presented with – be it kind words, glossy brochures or impressive websites. We board aeroplanes and visit schools ourselves to make sure Hong Kong and Malaysian families get what they deserve. Every single child that is guided and advised by Britannia is given the utmost attention and time. We do not watch the clock or try to get people out of the door as quickly as possible because selecting a school is a decision which cannot be made overnight.

Britannia’s rise to being the passionate and respected education group it is today is a result of three years’ blood, sweat and tears. Samuel spent one year in the UK knocking on the doors of over 200 schools. As they had only ever been accustomed to accepting a handful of students a year from our region, they were understandably reluctant to collaborate with education groups. Luckily, word-of-mouth came up trumps and word spread quickly about Britannia’s professional and caring approach. Within 18 months Britannia had the most esteemed schools on its books, and we have now placed a whopping 300 students into over 70 schools. Perhaps our most astounding achievement is that we have signed up schools which had never recruited through agencies before in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Recently, we have been tirelessly liaising with schools which offer full scholarships to Hong Kong and Malaysian pupils.

What is the thinking behind the decisions we have made over the previous three years? Simple. Our scientists, teachers, doctors and technicians of the future – deserve so much better than what they were getting in the past. The most fulfilling part of our work has undoubtedly been the opportunity to have a huge impact upon students’ lives. We do everything in our power, from the first reply to a parent’s first email right through to their child’s graduation day, to ensure that children are well cared for and in the position to acclimatise to a new way of life abroad without the stress and with the knowledge that Britannia will always be the helping hand Hong Kong families need.

Free, professional, and efficient UK Boarding School Consultation!

Key Areas of Services:

UK education consultation and application assistance
Britannia is the official UKiset test centre in Hong Kong
School contact services for parents
School visit arrangement
Student visa application
Guardian recommendation
Accommodation, airport transportation and air ticket arrangement
Education seminar and interview
Pre-departure seminar

Multiple media institutions have reported about us, expert analyses can also be found regularly in various newspaper columns.