D’Overbroeck’s Independent School Review: Fees, Rankings And More

d’Overbroeck’s school is a nurturing space for students from diverse backgrounds. The school is known for its strong Maths and Arts department. Their strong connections to the professional world give their students the extra advantage to top drama schools and Art colleges. Meanwhile, their academically rigorous curriculum ensures entry to top tier universities as well. The ethos focuses more on being one’s best self rather than competing with others. The curriculum is tailored to skill students up holistically.

d'overbroecks review

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d' Overbroeck's School Summary

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 11-19
  • Pupils: 744; sixth formers: 423
  • Fees: (for international students) Tuition fees £11,135 – £12,085 per term, Boarding fees £7,270
  • 2023 A-levels result: 53.1% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE result: 54% 9-7

d' Overbroeck's School Overview

The teachers here love their work and teach in a reasonably relaxed and casual manner. The school and class sizes are small, allowing teachers to know every student well and form a true partnership with their parents. The teaching caters to each student’s needs, with one-on-one support for gifted and struggling students. Most well-known for their Maths results, the student’s academic background is mixed with tailored support for individual needs. Aspiring students can even take GCSEs and A level years early. 

d’Overbroeck’s focuses on the happiness and wholesome development of its students. Laughter is their indicator of student’s satisfaction, and the school provides a casual environment with ample support to ensure that. There are also abundant art activities for students with creative souls – the future artists, actors, and musicians of the world.

d’Overbroeck's Courses / Programmes

There are 35 A-level subjects and five options for international students to choose from: Pre-IGCSE, 4 or 5-term IGCSE, One-Year IGCSE, Two-Year IGCSE and UK Study Aboard course. Around 50% of Sixth Form students are international.

See their full list of courses here.

d’Overbroeck's Application Deadline

To join the September 2024 intake, you must apply by September 15, 2023.

You can read our article on UK boarding school application process for more information or leave your contact details and one of our associates will be in touch with you with more information!

d’Overbroeck's Ranking and Results

d’Overbroeck’s is the leading school in Oxfordshire and in the top 1% of schools in England for progress at A-Level for the 3rd year running (according to the UK government’s English schools and colleges comparison service). The school now sits at the 202nd spot in our 2023 GCSE league table. 

d’Overbroecks students achieved remarkable A-level results in 2023, and thus successfully gained places at several top universities, including Oxbridge and Russell Group institutions. The most popular destinations among them include University of Warwick, UCL, University of Manchester, King’s College London and University of Bath.

In 2023, d’Overbroecks students managed to achieve the following results at standardised A-Levels and GCSE exams:

  • 2023 A-levels result: 53.1% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE result: 54% 9-7
  • 2023 IGCSE result: 51% 9-8 & 74% 9-7

d’Overbroeck's Fees

Here are d’Overbroeck’s school fees for the 2024-2025 academic year.

YEARS 7-11 2024-2025
Registration Fee £160
Acceptance Fee £860
Deposit £415 (Refunded after completion of final term)
Termly Fee £7,550
Termly tuition fees include lunch
Instrumental Music / Voice £44 per 35-minute session
SIXTH FORM 2024-2025
Registration Fee £160
Acceptance Fee £860
Deposit (Refunded after completion of final term)
UK based £415
International (including EU) £3,350
Termly Fee £9,900
Boarding houses £8,060 Per term
Upper Sixth studio flats £9,310 Per term
Weekly boarding £5,395 Per term
Host families Approximately £6,130 Per term (depending on facilities of host accommodation)
Boarding charges include breakfast and dinner
Lunch £455 (equivalent to around £7.25 per day)
Instrumental Music / Voice £42 per 35-minute session
EAL (English as an additional language) £4,550 for Year 12 (payable at the start of the academic year)
Registration Fee £160
Acceptance Fee £860
Deposit £3,350 (Refunded after completion of final term)
Termly Fee  
Year 9 £11,135
Year 10 £11,345
Year 11 £12,085
Termly tuition fees include lunch
Termly Fee £7,270
Boarding fees include breakfast and dinner
Instrumental Music / Voice £42 per 35-minute session

d’Overbroeck's Entry Requirements

  • Local equivalent of six grade 6s at GCSE
  • Non-native-speaking students must also demonstrate at least upper B2 or above on the Common European Framework (IELTS 6.0/6.5 and above in all skills). Most international students are expected to continue with English as an Additional Language in the Sixth Form to support their other studies.
  • International students will usually be required to sit for entry tests in English and Maths. 

d’Overbroeck's Reviews

5.0/5.0 of 8 Ratings

Leah, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

I’ve flourished and grown so much during these last two years at d’Overbroeck’s and I’m very grateful for the experience. The international student community was a really important part of my time at d’Overbroeck’s and something I wouldn’t have had elsewhere.”

Lara, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“At d’Overbroeck’s, there are a great range of opportunities available that have helped prepare me for the Oxford admissions process. I took Law Plus, which helped me understand more about the subject I wanted to study. I also did some mock interviews, which helped me experience what an interview really feels like and the emotions you go through. This meant I definitely wasn’t as stressed as I could have been for the real thing.”

Xenia, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“My time at d’Overbroeck’s has been wonderful, it’s been one of the best times of my life. The relationships you develop with your teachers, the quality of teaching, the atmosphere, everything was great”.

Chantal, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“I feel very privileged to have had so many opportunities to achieve academic success and develop myself on a personal level. D’Overbroeck’s has encouraged me to become more reflective, push my limits and realise my true potential.”

Abble, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“I decided to study at d’Overbroeck’s because I wanted more independence and freedom. Teachers and students work together and respect each other, and I felt this would be a benefit for me.”

Grace Lawrence, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“At d’Overbroeck’s, it is as much about who you are as a person, as it is about your mental health and academic performance.”

Freya, d’Overbroeck’s alumna – 5/5 stars

“What I’ve enjoyed the most about studying at d’Overbroeck’s is the amazing teaching experience and the amount of extra curricular activities available to diversify my learning and skills.”

Parent of past student – 5/5 stars

“d’Overbroeck’s is a rare gem and an example of what can be achieved when each person is supported to find the best in themselves”.

d’Overbroeck's Accommodation

Students at d’Overbroeck’s have three convenient co-ed options to choose from: 

For Lower and Upper Sixth:

  • Islip House is directly opposite the Sixth Form Centre. It is a purpose-built boarding house that can accommodate up to 52 students. The bright and modern house hosts mainly twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The Lower sixth formers cannot choose their roommate, but they can switch around once in situ.
  • St. Aldates House is more suitable for independent students who enjoy the privacy of their single room. It has the capacity of 55 students, however, the location requires a short 20-minute bus ride. Bus passes will be provided.

Upper Sixth Formers can enjoy the brand-new facility of Kidlington, launched in September 2020 in North Oxford. Up to 14 students can stay at the house, but they can also choose to live with local families as well as fellow home boarders. Bus passes will be provided to cover the daily commutes.

80% of boarders are international students from 52 nationalities worldwide, so the house has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Students do enjoy a homely and harmonious environment here. 

Meals are available and catered to individual dietary preferences. An abundance of healthy foods and snacks also keep the students well-fed. Teachers also visit regularly to assist students’ English skills.

d’Overbroeck's Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at d’Overbroeck embodies the school’s “focus on the individual”. To best care for all students, the school designates personal tutors and Pastoral Mentor to each student. There are also many peer support groups, School Counsellors, and the Head of House who is always available for students to talk to. Tutor groups meet up every day, staff meet every week to discuss pastoral issues, and counsellors are on hand 40 hours per week to best take care of each student in every aspect of school life.

Extracurricular Activities

D’Overbroeck offers various choices of extracurricular activities to support all student’s needs in order to excel personally and academically. 

  • The arts

Art is the soul of the school. The musical vibe is well nurtured. There are plenty of opportunities for participating in an orchestra, chamber choir or other ensembles. Performances are tailored to performers’ strengths and can range from traditional musicals and operas to a mixture of Debussy and Metallica. Furthermore, the students will be performing in prestigious and renowned venues throughout Oxford.

Drama is another strength of the school with a significant focus on quality performance rather than a merely flamboyant façade. There are strong links with the professional world, and the entire cast enjoys quality training as a result. The school creates an inclusive environment where all auditionees will receive a spot. The organisers can go as far as amending scripts to accommodate all performers. 

Students often get to watch productions at the Playhouse theatre in central Oxford, visit The West End in London and the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

  • Sport

The overall sporting ethos is laid back and inclusive. The programme aims to cater to as many interests and abilities as possible.

Students of d’Overbroeck’s College have access to the tennis and squash courts, gym halls and a swimming pool at the University of Oxford. The school has recently launched an elite Tennis Academy programme with individual coaching to develop excellent tennis players’ talents.

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a programme dedicated to deepening a student’s specific area of academic interest. Students have the option to research their topic of choice or produce a creative product for their EPQs. The EPQ programme equips students with valuable skills such as academic writing, independent research, project management, academic footnote use and multimedia presentation techniques. Most recent titles range from academic written reports to creative writings, dance choreography and musical composition.
  • Think programme is an in-house programme designed to develop and explore students’ academic interest.
    • The Discovery programme helps students engage with current affairs and broaden academic interest outside of subject areas.
    • The Plus programme adds an extra 15 subject areas to deepen a student’s subject of choice. Students can build research skills, develop critical thinking, and experience studying the subject at the university level.
    • The Seminar programme helps students discuss their academic discoveries and interests based on the University of Oxford’s resources.  
    • The Focused Admissions Skills Training (FAST) gives students two specialised options: preparing for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Law pathways or preparing for entry to Oxford or Cambridge. 
    • The Engage programme helps students understand their ambition then set goals and intermediate targets to achieve them.
  • All Lower Sixth formers are also required to attend a weekly Enrichment session to discuss the wider world and pastoral care issues led by external speakers ranging from university professors, admissions tutors to writers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

d’Overbroeck Contact Information

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