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Queen’s University Belfast is a renowned public research university located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Founded in 1845, It is renowned for its academic excellence, research contributions, and campus deeply steeped in cultural significance. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, making it a popular hub for learning and innovation among international students.

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Queen's University Belfast Overview

Queen’s University Belfast, a venerable institution, was established in 1845 and has since maintained a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and research. It holds a distinguished place within the United Kingdom’s educational landscape, known for its rich history, innovative research contributions, and the development of well-rounded, globally aware graduates.

Nestled in the heart of Belfast, the campus is a fusion of historical charm and contemporary facilities. Its architectural diversity adds to the stimulating learning environment, offering students a picturesque backdrop for their educational journey. The campus provides not only a space for academic pursuits but also a vibrant community of scholars and learners.

Queen’s University offers a comprehensive array of academic programs, ranging from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate studies and research opportunities. The university caters to a wide spectrum of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, engineering, medicine, and business, ensuring that students have the freedom to pursue their passions and goals.

Notable for its research endeavors, Queen’s has consistently been at the forefront of pioneering studies. The university’s research output has made substantial impacts in various fields, reinforcing its reputation as a hub for innovation and intellectual exploration.

Situated in Belfast, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and history, Queen’s students have the privilege of immersing themselves in a unique cultural experiences such as festivals, exploring historical landmarks and community events. The city’s dynamic character provides an ideal backdrop for students seeking not only academic growth but also a vibrant social life and an appreciation of Northern Irish culture.

At Queen’s University, students join a diverse and dynamic community, where they have the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies. The university places a strong emphasis on student well-being and support services, ensuring that every student’s journey is marked by growth, personal development, and success.

Queen's University Belfast Courses and Programmes

According to the Complete University Guide 2025, Queen’s University Belfast has 12 subjects ranking in the top 10 in the UK. This includes Dentistry, Agriculture and Forestry, Pharmacology and Pharmacy and Social Work.


One of the top-ranked courses in the university, Dentistry at Queen’s University Belfast ranks 7th in the whole country according to The Complete University Guide in 2025. The highly ranked Dentistry course excels due to its commitment to academic excellence, strong emphasis on research and innovation, extensive clinical experience, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a high rate of student success. Accreditation by professional bodies further solidifies its reputation as a top programme. This comprehensive approach ensures students receive a well-rounded education and are well-prepared for successful careers in dentistry.

Agriculture and Forestry

The course looks into various aspects of agriculture and forestry, covering topics like crop science, animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, forestry management, and environmental conservation. Students gain a deep understanding of these industries, learning how to manage land and resources, cultivate crops, care for animals, and address environmental sustainability. 

The key strength of these programmes is their strong emphasis on research and innovation. Students are exposed to cutting-edge research projects related to Agriculture and Forestry, enabling them to stay updated with industry trends and become active contributors to advancements in these fields. These programmes also focus on the increasing importance of environmental sustainability in agriculture and forestry. Students are taught eco-friendly practices and responsible resource management, ensuring they are well-prepared to address ecological and ethical considerations in these fields.

Pharmacology and Pharmacy

This course provides students with in-depth knowledge including drug interactions, pharmaceutical development, and patient care. Notably, research and innovation are central, allowing students to engage in cutting-edge projects that shape the future of pharmaceutical science.

Practical experience is integral to these programmes, with opportunities for hands-on work in laboratories, internships, and clinical or community pharmacy settings. Accredited by professional bodies, the programmes ensure students receive a high-quality education aligned with industry standards. Graduates are well-prepared for careers as clinical pharmacists, pharmaceutical researchers, healthcare consultants, and more.

Queen's University Belfast Entry Requirements

Applicants will normally need to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in English language equivalent to an overall score of IELTS Academic 6.0, or TOEFL 80 (internet-based test). However, many courses have higher requirements. Please note that minimum scores will be required in each component of the test.

Queen's University Belfast Entry Deadline

Most students make their applications through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) for full-time undergraduate degree programmes at Queen’s. The UCAS application deadline for international students is 31 January 2025, except for those applying for Medicine and Dentistry who should apply by 16 October 2024.

Queen's University Belfast Ranking (2025)

  • Ranked 25th in the Complete University Guide 2025. 
  • On the global charts, Queen’s University Belfast is ranked 206th out of the top 1,000 universities in the QS World University Rankings of 2025. 
  • Queen’s ranked 1st out of 108 universities worldwide for Students’ Union and 98% of current international students were satisfied with Queen’s library services (International Student Barometer 2022).  

Queen's University Belfast Fees

Here are the 2024-25 Undergraduate tuition fees for international students and incoming visiting international students. The annual tuition fee is set for 12-months each time, separated into two semesters.

Queen’s University Belfast’s tuition fee is divided into four fee rates: 

Fee Rate 1 Departments/Subject Areas: Courses which are essentially classroom based- typically Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Fee Rate 2 Departments/Subject Areas: Courses with a substantial laboratory or workshop component – typically Engineering and Physical Sciences and Medicine, Heath and Life Sciences.

Fee Rate 3 Departments/Subject Areas: Pre-Clinical elements of medical courses.

Fee Rate 4 Departments/Subject Areas: Clinical elements of medical courses.

BDS Dentistry: Composite fee per annum over 5 years

Dentistry Students first enrolling in 2024/25. Tuition fees relate to one year of study

Course and Level of study

2024/25 (£ GBP)

2024/25 ($ US Dollars)*

Fee Rate 1 (classroom based courses)



Fee Rate 2 (laboratory)



Fee Rate 3 (pre-clinical) / FR4 (clinical)



** The Northern Ireland Department of Health introduced a mandatory clinical placement levy for all new international medical students commencing study at the University from 2019/20 onwards. This levy of £10,000 is payable in each year of study to cover access to clinical placements in the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care system. The clinical placement levy is not included in the tuition fee quoted above for and is payable in addition to the fee quoted in each of the 5 years of study. For students commencing Year 1 in 2024/25, the University will provide financial support in relation to this levy of £10,000 for Year 1. Please note, the clinical placement levy is reviewed regularly and is subject to change. It is anticipated that there will be an increase to the amount payable for the clinical placement levy for students commencing the programme in the 2024/25 academic year. 

*All fees are payable in £ sterling. Approximate equivalencies are shown at the following rates (September 2022) US$ = £0.86 All tuition fees are subject to a 2% annual inflationary uplift. 

2023/24 student returners enrolling in 2024/25. Tuition fees relate to one year of study

Courses and Level of Study

2024/25 (£GBP)

2024/25 ($ US Dollars)*

Fee Rate 1 (classroom based courses)



Fee Rate 2 (laboratory)



Undergraduate Dentistry Tuition Fees

Students first enrolling in 2022/23: £34,782
Students first enrolling in 2021/22: £34,125

Queen's University Belfast Accommodation

Accommodation applications for new undergraduate students expecting to join in 2024/25 are still open. In 2024/25, Queen’s is working in partnership with the external provider Student Roost to provide additional accommodation for first year and returning students.

All accommodation prices include the following: high speed WiFi, water, electricity, heating, hot water, contents insurance, 24/7 maintenance team and full social programme and support and accommodation is self catered.
The accommodation is located within a 1.7 kilometre radius and the price range is between £85-£230 per week.

Queen's University Belfast Reviews

Kerry Wilson – Social Work (Relevant Graduate Route) BSW (Hons) –  ⭐

“I think the new student union is excellent, you can tell everyone enjoys it because it is busy constantly. It incorporates so many different aspects of uni life in one place. Queens has lots of really wonderful areas to sit with a coffee and study or meet with friends. The location is also great for going out and grabbing something to eat with friends. For me, I don’t really have any negatives about Queens. It’s been a really good experience for me.”

Suzanna Bullingham – English and Philosophy BA (Hons) – 

“I could not be happier with my choice of university. My university experience so far has been exactly what I hoped it would be. The facilities at Queen’s are excellent as there are more than enough spaces to study and spend time. The library is a great place to focus and get work done. Similarly, the new Student’s Union provides more spaces to study, whilst also being a great place to meet up with friends for a coffee in the day, or a drink at night.

Studying English and Philosophy at Queen’s means that I have seemingly endless facilities and resources which help immensely when it comes to research and essay writing. Currently, as a first year, I am unsure about my career prospects and my opportunities for work placements or internships.”

Kanchan Valsangkar – MSc Management –  

“I came all over from India to UK for my Masters and choosing Queen’s was my best decision. People here are really friendly and helpful. University does so many things for student for cost of living crisis, also mental health activities, I am a course rep for my course and we can communicate with our module coordinators freely and they listen and understand problems of international student, I love being jn student union, it a lively and great place even for study or you can just sit and chill or can read book. I will not say worst aspect, it is too negative word for my uni but there are still few things which has scope to improve. But according to me , Queen’s University have lots of international student came this year and University is really trying best for each and everyone so it is a tough job but they are doing it very well. I love my University and I am a proud student of Queen’s University Belfast.

Queen's University Belfast Facilities

An award-winning library – The McClay Library

Queen’s has invested over £50m in the McClay Library, blending the best features of a traditional library with the latest technologies. Facilities include computing and media services, IT training rooms, quiet study and group work areas, a cafe, a Language Centre and a vast range of printed works.

Advanced Sports and Fitness Hub

Queen’s University Belfast offers fitness facilities including cardio, weights, and functional training areas. Besides that, a 6-Lane 25m swimming and diving pool is provided. There are 2 x multi-sports halls, 5-aside area, indoor climbing, racquet sports, and 3 x 3G 5-aside grass pitches as well. 

Art and Culture

The University boasts the award-winning Naughton Gallery, one of Belfast’s most exciting art spaces. The Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry reinforces the University’s reputation as a world literary power, while the Brian Friel Centre for Theatre Research is a world-class studio theatre for performing arts students.

Cinema on campus

Film fans will be impressed by Queen’s very own, full-time cinema, the Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT). Presenting the best in classic and new world cinema, it’s a unique cultural venue, with over 50 years of experience, it brings high-quality film experience to Belfast audiences in a friendly intimate space.

Queen's University Belfast Clubs and Societies

There are more than 200 clubs and societies catered to sports, activities, hobbies and causes Queen’s University Belfast. The largest group of clubs at Queen’s is sports; and it’s no wonder with the state-of-the-art fitness facilities offering the perfect place to practice all sports imaginable, from Tennis to Taekwondo.

The clubs and societies let you easily learn new languages and more about a foreign cultures, or simply meet up with students from the similar parts of the world. For the artistically inclined students— create a masterpiece at the Art or Photography Club.

Academic and career enhancement clubs are provided as well. Many courses have related clubs but they do much more than discuss what happened in your latest lecture – including organising social events and fundraisers.

Academic Clubs include: Architecture, History and Law and over 30 more. Academic clubs a great way to meet like minded people and enjoy academic interests in a relaxed and social environment.

Queen's University Belfast Contact

Official website: https://www.qub.ac.uk/

Phone: +44 (0)28 9024 5133

Address: University Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT7 1NN

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