Top UK Online Learning Degrees - Rankings & League Table

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Top UK Online Learning Degrees

Here’s our guide on the top UK online learning degrees. We have curated a list of high-ranking universities that offer distance learning for undergraduate programmes.

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UK Universities Ranking League Table - Top Online Learning Universities

The University League Table below shows Bachelor’s programmes taught online by reputable UK universities. We’ve curated this list based on university rankings as well as entry requirements.

UniversityCourses AvailableFees (Per Annum)Study ModeUK RankingTEF rating
University of AberdeenChildhood Practice£335 (Per module)Part-time26N/A
Dundee UniversityEducation, Management, Childhood Practice£4200 (Per module)Part-time31Gold
University of SurreyTheatre£18500Part-time34Gold
University of StrathclydeChemical Engineering, Childhood Practice£4500-7650Full-time & Part-time35N/A
University of LeicesterHuman Resources£4625 (Per module)Full-time38Silver
University of Essex (University of Essex Online)Law, Psychology, Business, Management, Healthcare Management£4625Part-time41Gold
University of LincolnHuman Resources, Business Management, Logistics, Engineering£4667Part-time50Gold
University of HuddersfieldNursing£17400Part-time53Gold
Coventry UniversityManagement, International Business£13900Full-time & Part-time54Gold
University of Central LancashirePhysical Wellbeing, GDL, Astronomy £12700Part-time70Silver
Anglia Ruskin UniversityDigital Marketing, Management, Health & Social Care£3525Full-time & Part-time113Silver
University of London (With London School of Economics and Political Science)Business, Management, Data Science, Economics£2155Full-time & Part-time--

UK Online Degrees

Many other universities offer distance learning for short courses and post-graduate studies, but our league table above is focused on Bachelor’s programmes. There are over 600 Bachelor’s programmes that are taught online, offered by various UK universities.

There are online Bachelor’s programmes for the following disciplines:

  • Agriculture
  • Applied Sciences
  • Art & Design
  • Business & Management
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
  • Humanities
  • Journalism & Media
  • Law
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences

How do online degrees work?

Most universities offer their online programmes as a part-time option. Students are given the flexibility to take subjects by the module. It is up to the student how they’d like to schedule these modules, but most programmes will have a minimum and maximum amount of modules to take in a year.

Usually, resources and readings will be made available on an online platform, and lectures will be delivered via video. Similar to on-campus programmes, there may be several types of assessments depending on the module. Once a student meets all the requirements of the programme, they will be graduates and mailed a copy of their degree certificate.

Are online degrees worth it?

Students of online programmes typically pay less in tuition fees and they also save money on travel expenses and living costs. Many students that opt for online courses are willing to forgo the campus experience to obtain a degree from a prestigious UK university while they work or live at home.

You may be missing out on being on-campus, but many students find that it’s a good tradeoff for the flexibility and savings.

Are online degrees credible?

In the past, online degrees were a niche market for those studying while working. It also carried a negative stigma due to diploma mills handing out unaccredited degrees for a fee. The courses we have listed in this article are offered by brick-and-mortar universities in the UK that are already known for their on-campus programmes.

The University of Essex Online, for example, offers both online and on-campus programmes. Its online programmes are accredited and reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency. Some universities such as the University of Edinburgh are offering online postgraduate degrees that are indistinguishable from its on-campus programmes. These online degrees are academically the same as programmes that require you to attend classes on campus.

While we think that the on-campus experience is an important part of studying abroad, we too understand that many students have financial constraints or obligations at home and are searching for alternatives. In this case, we would recommend online courses from these universities as it not only carries the prestige of a UK degree, it also allows you greater flexibility at a lower cost.

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How to Apply to a UK Distance Learning Course?

Step 1: Choose A University

At this time, only a limited number of subjects are available for distance learning at the undergraduate level. The first step is to do some research into online study courses for the subject you’re interested in. Here are some things to consider when applying:

  • Study mode (Part-time or full-time, fully online or blended learning, etc.)
  • Employability/Graduate prospects
  • Fees
  • Entry requirements
  • University Ranking

Step 2: Preparations

Once you have narrowed down the search to your top five universities, the first step is to prepare necessary documents and forms. This includes school leaving certificates, exam results, the UCAS application form and a written Personal Statement, among other documents that may be required.

Step 3: Submit UCAS Application

The application process for UK universities differs from local universities as applications go through an organisation known as UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. UCAS handles all admission applications to UK universities, including those submitted by international candidates like you.

To ensure a better chance of getting accepted, it is important that you prepare all the necessary documents and fill out all forms correctly. We also recommend that you apply for multiple universities simultaneously to ensure that you get your preferred offers. Read our full guide on UCAS here.

More about UCAS

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UK University Entry Requirements

Here are some of the common entry requirements and tests a student has to pass before being accepted at a UK university.

  1. English Language Test requirement – such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  2. Entrance interviews.
  3. Personal statement. This is a supporting document and part of your application to a UK university. Usually, you will write about what you hope to achieve studying at the course, what you plan to do after graduating and why you are applying for this specific university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most universities offer online programmes as a part-time option which allows students to take modules at their own pace. Module resources and lectures are delivered via an online platform. When a student meets the programme requirements, they will graduate with a degree.

Online programmes have lower tuition fees and do not require travelling. You may be missing out on the campus experience, but many students find that it’s a good tradeoff for the flexibility and savings.

The courses in our list are offered by brick-and-mortar universities in the UK that are already known for their on-campus programmes. These courses are accredited, and some of them are academically equivalent to on-campus programmes.

A number of top UK universities offer distance learning for Bachelor’s programmes: University of Aberdeen, Dundee University, University of Surrey, and more.

The UCAS deadline for most programmes is 15 January in the year of admission.

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