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Truro High School For Girls Review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: All girls independent school
  • Age range: 4-18
  • Pupils: 332
  • Boarders: 45
  • Fees: £11,260/term
  • 2022 A-Level Results: 41% A*/A (2023 results not public)
  • 2022 GCSE Results: 55% 9/7 (2023 results not public)

Truro High School For Girls Overview

Truro High School for Girls is proud to provide a bespoke development for students’ skills, exceptional academic support and first-class teaching in focussed classes that expand girl’s academic pursuits. The nurturing environment here is well-known for creating Happy, Confident and Polite ladies. At Truro High School, students have the opportunity to develop themselves beyond gender norms, to pursue whatever they want and become everything they aspire to be. 

Top subjects at the school are Maths, Drama, Arts, Sport, Science and Classics. The class environment is calm and studious. The students are engaged during classes, respectful to the staff and encouraging to each other. The school chooses their student body through a strict process right from the taster day and during the application process, to ensure that there are no distractions for their proud student body of well-behaved, academically excellent girls.

Graduates from Truro High School for Girls have gone far – with some attending vocational courses or taking on apprenticeships and most of them going to the top UK universities in the Russell Group and even Oxbridge. The girls have landed themselves in top universities taking courses in various fields ranging from sport, drama, textiles and fashion, cooking and baking, business enterprise, astronomy, engineering, science, leadership and much more. Some outstanding performers from last year include one who got offered a Williams Formula One 16+ apprenticeship and another student who got a full scholarship at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Some famous former students from Truro include comedian Morwenna Banks and political journalist Vicki Young.

Truro High School for Girls Courses / Programs

Truro High School is an all-through school that covers Junior, 2 year GCSEs – Senior Education and Sixth Form.

Truro High School for Girls Application Deadline

Summer Term 2023

Boarders return18 April
Term begins19 April
Half term29 May to 2 June
Term finishes 5 July

Autumn Term 2023

Induction day5 September
Term begins6 September
Half term23 October – 3 November
Term finishes 14 December

Spring Term 2024

Term begins4 January
Half term12-16 February
Term finishes 28 March

Truro High School for Girls Ranking

Truro High School has been named the Small Independent School of the Year 2020 at the Independent Schools of the Year Awards. Out of hundreds of other schools throughout the UK, Truro High School is the only Cornwall representative.

The school is regularly positioned in the top 5% of the UK’s educational establishments for progress made by their A-Level students.

Truro High School for Girls Fees

Boarding Fees*




Senior School Weekly Boarding 

(Sunday post supper-Thursday night inclusive)



Senior School Full Boarding 

International students



 *All boarding fees include tuition and boarding, textbooks, personal accident insurance and personal effects insurance.

Additional Art and Design and Textiles Charges

A one-off annual charge is added to bills of pupils taking GCSE or A Level Art and Design and Textiles to cover the cost of materials in the Lent term.



A Level

Art & Design






Registration & Deposits

Registration Fee (non-refundable)




*Credited to the final payment of the fees or other sums due to Truro High School on your child’s leaving


Individual Private Music Lessons* (10 x 30 mins per term)

£200 approx*/term

Speech & Drama Lessons (10 x 30 mins per term)


Individual Learning Support Lessons


Group Learning Support Lessons


EAL Lessons


Learning Support Assessment


Flexi Boarding


3 Night Boarding


 *Billed directly by peripatetic staff

*Additional charges may be incurred for weekend trips with parental consent


  1. Tuition/Boarding Fee: Both tuition and boarding fees are charged termly in advance.
  2. Due Date: Fees are due for payment by the first day of term. There is a late payment surcharge of 2% on all overdue accounts.
  3. Peripatetic Staff: Invoice parents directly. Fees for music are billed termly in advance.
  4. Learning Support: Billed by the school termly in arrears alongside any other extras incurred.
  5. A 5% discount is offered to the daughters of former pupils of Truro High School.
  6. If more than one child attends the school, a 5% sibling discount is available.

Truro High School for Girls Entry Requirements

For Years 7-10, applicants will be required to sit for entrance assessments which include Mathematics and Literacy papers. Entry in Year 11 is rare. 

There are scholarships for entry to Year 9 in Academic, Music, Sport, Art and Drama. These are also occasionally offered for entry to Year 8 and 10.

For Sixth Form applicants, the school generally requires 7 passes at GCSE (grade C or higher or equivalent) and at least a grade B (preferably A or A*) in relevant subjects to their A-Level choices. Entrance assessments for Sixth Form entry will include exam papers in Mathematics, Literacy and the applicant’s future A Level subjects.

Sixth Formers can also apply for scholarships in November of Year 11 via examination papers and auditions/assessments.

Truro High School for Girls Reviews

Hannah, Deputy Head Girl

“We are treated like adults, allowed full independence and control over our studies, which allows us to be best prepared for the future; to become resilient and determined young women.”

Sage, Head Girl

“The independence I have experienced at Sixth Form has allowed me to flourish in my studies and mature into a young adult. From the personal dedication given to me by my teachers, to the privilege of having my own studio space to let my creativity run wild, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the Truro High community. In essence, Truro High has become a family; it is this community spirit that inspired me to pursue A-Levels here. There are so many opportunities here, and not just academically, but to have adventures and to have fun, to push your boundaries, to step outside your comfort zone and that’s something we’re really encouraged to do in the Sixth Form. I think that is something that is so important not just for personal development but for personal fulfilment, to feel happy in life.”

Charlotte, Year 13

“Truro High School Sixth Form has such a unique atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. The teachers have provided full support, from the step up from Year 11 to Year 12 to UCAS assistance in applying to Oxbridge.”

Lowena, Year 13

“Sixth Form has such a nurturing and supportive environment. We are given support when needed, but encouraged to find the confidence within ourselves to extend our learning beyond the classroom.”

Viv, Deputy Head Girl

“The range of enrichment opportunities allows us to develop our learning independently or provide a break from the fast pace of A-Levels, from external sport activities to extra art sessions. We also have lots of fun events such as BBQs and Movie Nights which allows us to bond as a year group, supporting each other whenever we need it.”

Kerrier, Year 13

“Sixth Form has been an amazing experience. The teachers are so supportive and will do anything you need to get you to where you want to be. It is a lovely community atmosphere and it has given me the confidence to do things I would never dreamt of doing before.”

Nicole, Sixth Form Boarder

“Joining in Year 12, I was worried about making new friends but all of the girls welcomed me in with open arms and I quickly settled in. Being boarder in Sixth Form has allowed me to better manage my time between work, sports and clubs to have a more balanced life style that the school highly encourages. My High School experience would simply not be the same without my boarding family.”

Truro High School for Girls Accommodation

Truro High School has two boarding houses divided by age: Dalvenie House for up to Year 10 and Rashleigh for Years 11-13. The cosy and nurturing houses host students of over a dozen different nationalities in en suite bedrooms of between one to four students. Both houses are equipped with Wi-Fi with a tight firewall and strict curfews for Internet and social media access. For Dalvenie House, Wi-Fi is restricted to only the communal areas.

Life in boarding houses is never boring, starting with fun activities on Friday nights to exciting outdoor weekend trips and cultural adventures. Cornwall provides ample things to do such as kayaking, pony trekking, visiting galleries in St Ives, horse-riding on the beach, paintballing, ice-skating and climbing. Students have some free time to explore in pairs between school hours and supper at 6 PM. Boarders also have house parents to supervise their travels.

Truro High School for Girls Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is what sets Truro School apart from other schools. The ethos of kindness, being nurturing and encouraging is fused in all aspects of life for these girls. The staff gets to know each student and their family to provide prompt support. The students always have someone to talk to so they always feel safe and supported at Truro. 

Extracurricular Activities

There are around 23 clubs ranging from Yoga, dance, basketball to Greenpower engineering, creative writing, astronomy and photography. The girls can participate in programmes to expand their academic interests such as:

  • Aspiring Programmes which personalises support to best prepare future medics, engineers and lawyers for their upcoming applications and interviews.
  • The Cambodia Outreach Project program is an extension of the Head Mistress, Ms Sarah Matthews’s enthusiasm for travel and anthropology. Students can join the UK-based charity, Edukid, to work at a village school in Cambodia.
  • Future Ready Programme combines with Life Skills Programme to provide students with both practical skills and entrepreneurial talents to make informed decisions for their future.
  • Gold Arts Award is specially designed for Creative Arts students to develop their creativity without the exam pressure when pursuing art subjects at the A-Levels.
  • Lifeguard Training Qualification opens up the opportunity for the girls to gain their first paid employment after graduation as lifeguards in any swimming pool.
  • Mental Health First Aid Course develops invaluable skills for students to look after themselves and others’ well-being.
  • Teach English As a Foreign Language (TEFL) course equips travel-loving students with the qualification and skills needed to fund their gap years as English teachers.
  • The Taste programme prepares students to live independently or pursue culinary programmes for university and post-graduation employment.
  • The AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Scientific Research are meant for students who aim to pursue a serious academic pathway at the university level and beyond.

These various choices are more than enough to keep all students intellectually stimulated. Club activities take place at lunchtime or after school from 4-5 PM. 


With a wide variety of sports to choose from, Truro girls can excel at everything from touch rugby to the fun trampolines. Sport is taken seriously by the department’s leader – Coach Kat Barbery-Redd, the winner of England Hockey’s prestigious national Coach of the Year Award 2019. The school offers great facilities for their students with their all-weather astro pitch,  a 22.5 metre swimming pool, a sports hall, dance studio, tennis/netball courts and a football pitch. As a result, the girls have many prominent achievements such as County champion in all age groups in Hockey, National champion for U16 Tier 3, Regionalist for U14 in Netball.

Truro High School for Girls Contact Information

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