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Established in 1593, Stonyhurst is a prestigious co-educational boarding school nestled in the picturesque beauty of Lancashire’s Ribble Valley. The institution, embedded in Catholic roots has a longstanding history of academic excellence and is known for nurturing well-rounded graduates, fostering personal growth and character development alongside intellectual achievement.

stonyhurst review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 3-18
  • Pupils: 800 (College: 500)
  • Fees: Full boarding – £14,855 per term or £44,565 per annum
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 40% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 46% 9/7
  • 2023 IB Average Result: 33.6

Table of Contents

Stonyhurst Overview

Stonyhurst comprises two distinct but interconnected institutions: Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall.

Stonyhurst College caters to students aged 13 to 18, offering comprehensive secondary education programmes such as A Level, GCSE and the International Baccalaureate. With a rich history dating back centuries, the college stands as a beacon of academic excellence, providing a rigorous curriculum alongside a wide array of extracurricular activities and opportunities for personal growth. Boarding facilities are available for students who choose to reside on campus, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere and fostering lifelong friendships.

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall serves as the preparatory school, accommodating students from ages 3 to 13. Here, young learners embark on their educational journey in a nurturing and supportive environment. The preparatory school emphasises foundational skills development, instilling a love for learning and providing a seamless transition into the college years. Alongside academic pursuits, St Mary’s Hall offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities and pastoral care to ensure the holistic development of each student.

The school’s ethos centres on nurturing students to lead lives of purpose, blending academic excellence with spiritual and emotional growth. Guided by the motto, ‘Quant je puis’ (‘as much as I can’), students are encouraged to embrace every endeavour with vigour and determination. Through a personalised approach to education, known as ‘cura personalis,’ the school prioritises the holistic development of each individual, recognising and nurturing their unique talents and interests.

Beyond academics the institution fosters a culture of personal growth and leadership, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as compassionate and driven individuals.

Stonyhurst Courses / Programs

Stonyhurst offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to meet the diverse academic needs and interests of its students across different stages of their educational journey.

At Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, the preparatory school, students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that lays a strong foundation across core subjects such as English, mathematics, science, history, and languages. Integrated with creative arts, sports, and extracurricular activities, this curriculum promotes holistic development and cultivates a well-rounded skill set in our young learners.

As students progress to Stonyhurst College, they have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of academic disciplines at both GCSE and A Levels. The A Levels program offers a wide selection of subjects, letting students tailor their curriculum to align with their interests and career aspirations. Small class sizes and dedicated faculty ensure personalised attention and support to help students excel in their chosen fields.

In addition to A Levels, Stonyhurst also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), providing an internationally recognised qualification that emphasises critical thinking, research skills, and global perspectives. This rigorous two-year program allows students to study a broad range of subjects across six subject groups, including languages, sciences, mathematics, humanities, and the arts, while also completing core components such as the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

For students interested in vocational pathways, Stonyhurst offers the Cambridge Technical Diploma (CTEC) in Business or Sport at the Sixth Form level. This hands-on qualification equips students with practical skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen field, preparing them for further study or employment in the respective industries.

Stonyhurst Application Deadline

For senior school, the application process can start as early as three years preceding the regular open days. Interested applicants will take a pre-assessment in Year 7 and academic testing in Year 8. Application dates vary so it is recommended to contact us for the latest information.

Stonyhurst Rankings And Results

In 2023, 40% of students scored A*-A for their A Levels examination. Whereas 46% of students scored 9-7 for their GCSEs. Students in Stonyhurst scored an average of 33.6 points for the International Baccalaureate exams in 2023. Stonyhurst did not partake in the league tables this year.

Stonyhurst Fees (2023-2024)

Stonyhurst College Per Annum Per Term
UK – Full Boarding £40,905 £13,635
Rest of the World – Full Boarding £44,565 £14,855
Weekly Boarding £35,721 £11,907
Day £24,750 £8,250
Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Per Annum Per Term
UK – Full Boarding* £31,035 £10,345
Rest of the World – Full Boarding* £35,730 £11,910
Weekly Boarding* £28,350 £9,450

Stonyhurst Entry Requirements

International students who have not previously completed GCSE or its equivalent in the UK or an English-medium International School will be required to take an English language entrance test as part of the admission process.

Typically, proficiency in English equivalent to IELTS scores of 5.5 – 6.5, depending on the chosen program is required. Applicants must undergo an English language test unless they have already achieved the necessary IELTS or equivalent score.

All students, regardless of their nationality or educational background, must attend an interview as part of the admission process. While interviews typically take place in the UK, arrangements can be made for Malaysian students to have their interviews in their home country. Contact us for details regarding interview availability for the current year.

Aspiring applicants will be assessed based on their academic record spanning various subjects. They are required to provide an official transcript of their school grades from the two most recent years.

In addition, students are required to submit a 500 word handwritten personal statement for the College or completion of a personal information sheet for children entering Year 5 to Year 8 at St Mary’s Hall.

Stonyhurst Reviews

Jaime - Student

“One of the best boarding Schools. Had two of the greatest years in that school.”

JVM - Student

“I spent 4 years there, an incredible place in its landscape, historical architecture and the comprehensive education provided.“

Alex - Student

I was there for a year of my life. ..I learned English and discovered rugby… Both things are still with me thirty years later.

Stonyhurst Accommodation

Stonyhurst’s boarding system, called Playrooms, employs a unique horizontal grouping method based on year groups. With five boarding houses for boys and three for girls, each dedicated to specific year levels—Years 9 and 10, Year 11, and Years 12 and 13—every house is overseen by a nurturing House Parent supported by a team of dedicated staff. This setup fosters a distinct family-like atmosphere within each house.

By grouping students horizontally, the school facilitates meaningful interactions among peers of the same age within their boarding house. The school firmly believes that the communal living experience, including shared dormitories (with Years 12 and 13 enjoying single rooms), cultivates cultural awareness and mutual respect, crucial skills for navigating adulthood.

Moreover, international students will benefit immensely from daily interactions and joint activities with English-speaking peers, significantly enhancing their English language proficiency.

Pastoral Care At Stonyhurst

Stonyhurst prioritises the well-being and care of its students, nurturing them to reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively. The Tutor and Class Teachers play central roles in students’ lives, providing emotional support and guidance across various topics while inspiring them. In the lower half of the school, the Class Teacher offers support during the initial years, while in Years 7 and 8, students are assigned a Tutor who keeps track of attendance, academic progress, and individual needs.

The Playroom system at Stonyhurst fosters exceptional pastoral care, where students bond as a year group and transition together annually. This unique setting promotes strong friendships, mutual support, and a sense of belonging within the Stonyhurst family. Students benefit from a ‘home-from-home’ environment, characterised by warm relationships and a safe, secure atmosphere. Additionally, the school’s extensive grounds provide ample space for recreational activities, promoting happiness and well-being among students.

Parental support is integral to Stonyhurst’s care framework, with options such as flexi-boarding and occasional boarding available to accommodate diverse family schedules. The school’s Chaplaincy offers spiritual guidance and support through Tutor Group Masses, confessions, and other services.

Furthermore, Stonyhurst ensures that students have access to additional support from various staff members and external organisations, fostering an environment where students feel comfortable confiding and seeking assistance when needed.

Stonyhurst Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Stonyhurst offers a wide array of sports and extracurricular activities designed to enrich the holistic development of its students.


  1. Rugby: With a rich history and tradition, rugby remains a cornerstone of the sporting culture.
  2. Hockey: The hockey program is highly competitive, fostering teamwork and skill development.
  3. Cricket: Stonyhurst boasts a strong cricket tradition, producing talented players who compete at various levels.
  4. Netball: The netball teams excel in both skill and sportsmanship, representing Stonyhurst with pride.
  5. Tennis: Students can hone their skills on the tennis courts, enjoying both recreational and competitive play.
  6. Swimming: The swimming program offers opportunities for students to improve technique and compete in meets.
  7. Golf: Access to golf facilities is provided for students interested in this popular sport.
  8. Cross Country: Cross country running promotes fitness and endurance, with opportunities for competition.
  9. Football: Football enthusiasts can participate in matches and training sessions within the program.
  10. Basketball: The basketball teams showcase skill and athleticism, competing in local and regional leagues.
  11. Rounders: A popular summer sport, rounders offers fun and competitive gameplay for all skill levels.
  12. Badminton: Students can enjoy friendly matches or competitive play in the badminton facilities.
  13. Outdoor Pursuits: Adventure seekers can engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and orienteering.

Here is a list of extracurricular Activities students can partake in:

  1. Clubs: Students can explore diverse interests through clubs such as politics, philosophy, robotics, and astronomy.
  2. Guest Speakers: Stonyhurst students benefit from a wide range of speakers, including academics, politicians, and renowned figures like Professor Robert Winston and historian Lord Hennessy.
  3. Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE): The strong DofE program encourages students to challenge themselves and achieve personal growth through outdoor expeditions and community service projects.
  4. Charitable Service: Students contribute to charitable projects, fostering empathy and social responsibility.
  5. Theatrical Productions: Whether on stage or behind the scenes, students participate in theatrical productions, honing their creativity and teamwork skills.
  6. Musical Events: Stonyhurst students showcase their musical talents through performances and recitals, enriching the cultural fabric of the community.

Ultimately, the co-curricular program at Stonyhurst aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped with leadership qualities and a commitment to positive change. Through a combination of sports, clubs, and service opportunities, students graduate prepared to excel in all facets of life.

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