Britannia Study x Mastercard Overseas Student Education Program

Special Offer: Get Your UK Visa Handling Fee Waived

Applying For A UK Study Visa?

Are you planning to further your studies in the UK? The cost of studying abroad can sometimes be hefty, which is why we are happy to announce we’ve partnered with Mastercard to get your UK Visa Handling Fee waived— Exclusively when you apply with Britannia StudyLink Malaysia!

How To Claim This Offer?

Simply send your enquiry about studying in the UK using the form below. We’ve entered the promo code (BSMC) for you. Just fill in the rest and we’ll get in touch with you soon via phone or email to help with your visa application.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is applicable for all cardholders of Mastercard branded cards issued by the Mastercard customer banks in Asia Pacific countries (“Mastercard Cardholders”) who enter the promotion code ‘BSMC’ using the form above.