Charterhouse Guide: Reviews Rankings, Fees and More

charterhouse guide
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Table Of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 13-18
  • Pupils: 705
  • Boarders: 80%
  • Fees: £39,090
  • Charterhouse League Table Ranking: 57
  • 2021 A Level Results: 66% A*-A
  • 2020 GCSE Results: 79% A*/A


Charterhouse was founded in 1611 and is one of the UK’s leading independent boarding schools. With the success of the coeducational structure of the Sixth Form, Charterhouse is moving towards becoming a fully coeducational boarding school for children aged 13 to 18 by 2021.

With Christian values as the foundation of Charterhouse education, pupils are guided to lead fulfilled and purposeful lives through an all-round education. The institution aims to provide a balance of a focused academic curriculum and a vibrant school life with plenty of opportunities in the fields of art, music, linguistics, sports and sciences.

The 250-acre campus of Charterhouse is nestled in the prestigious town of Godalming. The historic architectural structures and cultivated fields are just an hour away from central London and 50 minutes away from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports. With international pupils from over 46 countries, Charterhouse creates a highly diverse learning experience.

Charterhouse Courses / Programs

The curriculum at Charterhouse follows the normal path to (I)GCSE in Year 11 followed by a choice of A Level courses or IB Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form. The courses/programs are as follows:

  • Year 9 (Fourth Form)
  • Year 10 and 11 (Remove an Fifth Form)
  • Year 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Charterhouse Application Deadline

Below us the Year 9 Application deadline:




Registrations for Year 9 assessments are now closed.


Registrations for Year 9 assessments are now closed.


The Headmaster’s List is currently open. Registrations for this list will close on 30 September 2020.


Registrations are open. This list will close on 20 September 2020. 

Below us the Year 12 Application deadline:

May 2020

Registration opens

14 September 2020

Deadline for UKiset test results and/or latest school report to be submitted to the Director of Admissions

1 October 2020

Completed Registration Form returned with £300 registration fee

After 30 September 2020

Confidential reference will be requested from current school

7 November 2020

Selection day at Charterhouse

14 November 2020

Selection day at Charterhouse

1 December 2020

Offers of places will be made

Charterhouse Ranking

In 2019, the Pre-U public examination results for Charterhouse Sixth Form pupils resulted in a 92 per cent Distinction and Merit grades. 43 pupils attained Distinctions, which is equivalent to A Level, for every subject. Over 50 per cent of grades were A* or A and 4 out of 5 grades were A* to B.

Charterhouse Sixth Form pupils secure spots at some of the world’s top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, and UCL in the UK and Bocconi, NYU, Stern, Princeton, Brown, Columbia and Chicago overseas.

2019 was the first year GCSEs at Charterhouse were graded on the new 9-1 scale, wherein grades 9, 8, and 7 is equivalent to the A* or A grade. Charterhouse GCSEs all take at least 9 GCSEs. In 2019, over 50 per cent of pupils received grades of 9 to 8 while 25 per cent of grades achieved 9, the highest grade attainable, well above the former A* equivalent.

Charterhouse 2020 A Level Results

In 2020, 61% of students scored A*-A for their A Levels examination while 89% scored A*-B. The results were reported on the Charterhouse official website.

For the IB exams, 60% scored average 7-6 for all their subjects.

Charterhouse 2020 GCSE Results

In 2020, 79% of students scored A*-A for their GCSE examination while 93% scored A*AB. The results were reported on the Charterhouse official website.

Charterhouse Fees

The following are the Charterhouse School Fees for 2019-2020 and Charterhouse Music Fees for 2018-2019.

Charterhouse School Fees (2019-2020)




Boarding Fees



Day Boarding Fees




Charterhouse Music Fees (2018-2019)

1st Instrument

£42.00 per 40 minute lesson

2nd and subsequent

£38.00 per 40 minute lesson


Charterhouse Entry Requirements

For Year 9:

Here is the process for entry at Charterhouse:

Step 1: Registration

Children should be registered for Charterhouse by 20 September (kindly see Charterhouse Application Deadline section) when they are in their Year 6. Parents are required to complete the registration form and pay a non-refundable registration fee to secure a place for their child on the list of their year of entry.

Step 2: The Online Assessment (The ISEB Pre-test)

Children need to take the ISEB Common Pre-test to Charterhouse in the Autumn Term of Year 6. ISEB Common Pre-test is an age-standardised series of online assessments in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The results will be reviewed together with the reference from their Prep School. Successful applicants will be invited to an Interview and Activity Afternoon early in the Spring Term of Year 6.

Step 3: Interview and Activity Afternoon

The Interview and Activity Afternoon is an informal interview and a selection of activities. This is designed to give the children the chance to showcase their interests and capabilities. This is also a chance for the children to experience school life at Charterhouse.

Step 4: Offers of a Place

Offers of places will be made by the end of Spring Term of Year 6 for successful applicants. Children are expected to continue their education and take the Common Entrance Examinations for the Year 8 curriculum. Since the children are assessed at a very young age, Charterhouse seeks reference from the children’s Prep School at the start of their Year 8 and conducts reassessment should there be any concerns.

Step 5: Accepting a Place

Parents will be asked to sign an acceptance form and pay a non-refundable deposit to accept the place. Joining families are invited to a series of events at Charterhouse to welcome them into the community.

The Headmaster’s List (Assessment in Year 7)

Charterhouse reserves about 25 per cent of the places for the Headmaster’s List each year. This is intended for children who missed the places on Year 6. Applicants will have to take the ISEB Common Pre-test in the Autumn of Year 7 and shortlisted candidates are invited for the Interview and Activity Afternoon in the Spring Term. 

Late Applications

Late places occasionally become available after the registration deadlines have passed. For more information, email [email protected].

 For Year 12:

Sixth Form at Charterhouse are referred to as Specialists. While the offers are unconditional, competition for places are tough; successful candidates are expected to achieve grades of A* and As or equivalent in (I)GCSE. All candidates are welcome with particular interests and talents in art, drama music, sports and many other fields.

Applications for the Sixth Form open at the start of the Summer Term of Year 10 and should be returned by October of Year 11 (the year before entry). Admission is done by examination and interview. The assessment is done in November and offers are made in December. Academic, Art, Music, and Sport Scholarships and Awards are available.

Here is the process for Sixth Form admissions at Charterhouse:

1) Registration

Charterhouse requires all candidates to submit their latest school report. For overseas candidates, the UKiset report should also be submitted. UKiset is an adaptive cognitive test that measures the underlying ability and language proficiency. For more information visit

Documents must be sent to [email protected]. Charterhouse will review the documents and invite the candidate to register for assessment.

2) School Reference

Charterhouse requests confidential references from candidate schools in October after the application deadline has passed. For candidates that have changed schools, confidential references will also be requested from their previous school.

3) Selection Day

The selection day at Charterhouse is held in November (Year 11). All candidates are required to take Charterhouse standard tests in English, arithmetic and reasoning, and a two 45-minute examination on the subjects of their own choice.  All candidates are interviewed by a senior member of staff. This creates an opportunity for candidates to experience school life and spend time with current pupils.

4) Offers

Offers are made in December (Year 11) for all candidates who passed the examination and interview. Parents are asked to secure the place by signing an acceptance form and paying a deposit. Reservation of offers may be made. Late applications may also be considered and are expected to undergo through the same process. Charterhouse strongly advises to apply on time to increase the chances of success.


Families are welcome to visit Charterhouse. The Sixth Form Open event is held in September (Year 11). Candidates are invited to meet the Headmaster and other members of the staff, tour the campus with other pupils, and explore the Sixth Form curriculum and co-curricular opportunities.

House Preference

Pupils who join Sixth Form at Charterhouse become full members of one of the Houses. House preferences can be noted on the application form. Charterhouse will try accommodate all  requests.

Charterhouse Reviews


The school places emphasis on the academics and boys have to pass an entry test and interview; regular reports/grades are posted online for parents and are discussed with tutors. Outside the classroom, the standard of sports is very high. Pupils are also expected to engage in a wide range of artistic and cultural activities and there is an impressive choice of societies to join. Socially, there is a lot going on, in and out of school. Discipline is strict – and they are super aware of any bullying. Pupils are also made aware of how lucky they are, and engage in social programmes. All in all, a pretty impressive traditional but forward-thinking school.


My son went from not being able to finish a school year to being on the A honor roll 2 semesters in a row!! The staff goes out of their way to let me know what’s going on and if I need something above and beyond what a typical school would do they don’t hesitate to figure a way to help my son. Thanks Charterhouse and all the exceptional staff who work there!!

Year 11 pupil

Boarding school is the best choice I’ve ever made. Although it felt foreign at first, Chetwynd is a second home to me and I have made friendships that will last for years after I leave Charterhouse.


Charterhouse has been a wonder for parents like me who send their kids abroad to a boarding school. We get regular updates from the staff here and it does make a big difference knowing that they care about their students’ wellbeing.

Year 13 pupil

Being a founding member of an all-girls house has been such an honourable experience and I am excited to see the school go completely co-ed next year. Our housemistress has developed a comfortable and nurturing environment for all pupils that are lucky enough to board there.


The teachers were extremely professional and well-organized. You can feel that they care and truly want the best for your child. It’s always a pleasure to chat with them whenever the school sends us updates about our son’s progress.


My children looks forward to school everyday! They enjoy their time boarding here a lot and they’re learning new things everyday. They also participate in a lot of school activities and enjoy being around their classmates and teachers a lot. It always sounds like they have a great time here!

Charterhouse Accommodation

Boarding at the historical grounds of Charterhouse creates the ideal environment for children to learn and grow from a real community. Accommodation at Charterhouse is impressive. The boarding houses (called House) offer private and shared bedrooms, study rooms, dining halls, and facilities for art, music, linguistics, sports and sciences.

The House is central to every Carthusian’s life. Every House has a resident Housemaster and Housemistress who are supported by assistants called the Matron and a team of Tutors. The House also has an appointed Head of House and House Monitors to help care for pupils in the House.

Boy’s Houses:

  • Bodeites
  • Hodgsonites
  • Saunderites
  • Daviesites
  • Lockites
  • Verites
  • Girdlestonenites
  • Pageites
  • Weekites
  • Gownboys
  • Robinites

Girl’s Houses:

  • Fletcherites
  • Chetwynd
  • Sutton
  • Northbrook

Charterhouse Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

Charterhouse provides an all-around education with a rich balance between academics and school life.

The Charterhouse campus has 17 grass sport pitches, 3 full-sized Astroturf pitches, an athletics stadium, a sports centre, 24 tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course. The campus also has a 235-seat seat theatre and separate music performance and art display spaces.

Pupils at Charterhouse (especially Sixth Form) are encouraged to take an active role in their societies, developing their own interests and sharing their knowledge and experience by guiding the younger year groups. With a strong department of creative arts focusing on theatre, arts and music, a wide selection of outdoor activities and over 60 co-curricular Clubs and Societies, there are plenty of opportunities for Charterhouse pupils.

Charterhouse Contact Information

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