The 2025 UK University Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The UK has a longstanding tradition of excellence in higher education. With worldrenowned institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Edinburgh, and Imperial College London, the UK is internationally recognised for its highquality universities. Our article ‘The 2025 UK University Guide’ goes into great detail about how to choose the right university for you.

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The 2024 UK University Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Why Study University in the UK?

There are many advantages of studying at universities in the UK.

Academic excellence

The UK is home to some of the world’s top universities and has become synonymous with academic excellence. According to the QS World University Rankings, four out of ten of the world’s top universities are from the UK: the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and UCL are among the top ten.

Strict entry standards and rigorous quality assurance are key in maintaining the high standards that UK universities hold. There are also a number of frameworks that serve as quality assurance for UK universities – these are the QAA, TEF, and REF as we discuss in detail later in this article.

Without a doubt, studying in the UK means that you will get a world-class education that is internationally recognised and prepares you well for your future endeavours.

Complete acceptance, care and understanding

People of all religious faiths and backgrounds are welcomed at universities and they fit it straight away owing to the understanding and mutual respect which staff members and other students have in abundance.

UK universities are one big, happy community with a caring environment geared towards providing each student with the opportunities needed to develop their personal talents to the fullest.

A thriving youth culture

The UK has a dynamic and thriving youth culture. Formerly reserved and unconfident Malaysian students do come out of their shells in this culture which is well-known for nurturing creative capacities in multiple spheres of life which a student may become interested in.

The opportunity to participate in world-famous media, traditional British sports and music events gives Malaysian students the chance to show their true colours and developing personalities.

The benefits of cultural awareness

Living and studying in the UK creates the opportunity to experience something new as more than just a tourist. The benefits that Malaysian children will gain from a period of study in this cultural hotspot are wide-ranging and everlasting. One of the main advantages is developing a sense of cultural awareness – a process where comparisons between the student’s own and host culture are made.

Students can be taught to embrace diversity and to be inclusive at home and at school. However, allowing them to discover and witness first-hand traditional beliefs, meanings of words, phrases, gestures, customs, significant holidays and rituals in Britain itself will have a lasting impact on their character development and appreciation of both positive and negative aspects of cultural differences.

They can only really do this by living in a foreign country.

What may be considered appropriate behaviour in one culture can be quite different in another. Students will learn to be conscious of judging other people’s behaviour and beliefs according to the standards of their own culture. Comparisons cannot always be made, which is why tolerance is key when it comes to cultural diversity and cultural exchange.

Finally, we need to be one step ahead of the rest and think about the future.

As future young adults and leaders of tomorrow, students are equipped to understand differences in behaviour and subtle dynamics of social space in each culture all by studying abroad. We all have ambitions for our children, and fully respecting the value of cultural awareness will go a long, long way when it comes to your children’s future. Experience tells us that after years of studying and living abroad, a deeply rooted multicultural ethic can be found, honoured and maintained.

The Adventure Element

Whether you are looking for a secondary school, a university or just looking for a summer of fun and a taste of the most fascinating island in the world – Britain – we make all the arrangements so that Malaysian students can settle into a wholly new and exciting environment immediately and in complete comfort.

Everything we do is about creating an exceptional experience for students while they study abroad. We respond to each student’s specific needs. From the first moment you make contact with us, you can be assured that we will be working closely with you – only offering well-informed and thoughtful advice, from your study path right through to the best iPhone app to call home with.

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Checklist for Choosing UK Universities

University Rankings

A university’s ranking is an important factor when choosing a place to study. There are many league tables that you can use to find the best universities for specific subjects. 

Here are the top 5 schools according to the Complete University Guide:

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • University of St Andrews
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Imperial College London

These universities are known to be excellent for their quality of research, education, and level of student satisfaction, among many other metrics used in university rankings.

Here are some of our league tables for popular subjects:

Quality Assurance for UK Universities

The Quality Assurance Agency reports will be a great place to start your research – if you’d like to know more about your university of choice, looking into the university’s most recent QAA report may highlight its strengths and inform you about any potential weaknesses of the university.

The TEF rating, where they are available, is good as a rough guide to a university’s overall reputation in teaching quality. While this will vary from course to course, a Gold TEF rating may indicate that the university has nurtured a good, positive culture centred around teaching and learning.

The REF rating would be of special interest to students who wish to continue their studies and pursue a career in academia. A university’s research output and quality speak for the organisation’s ability to attract the best academics, good support for research, ample funds and resources invested in research, and a supportive environment for research.

These three frameworks – the QAA, TEF, and REF – all provide some enlightenment into a university’s inner workings. These metrics are focused on the university’s ability to deliver quality teaching and produce good research.

Be sure to take into account these existing frameworks which exist to make the research process easier for prospective students like you! The quality of teaching that you receive in a university will determine your learning experience as you spend your next three to four years studying abroad – it’s best to make the most of it by making the right decision before you submit your UCAS application.


Fees are different for every university and course. For international students, the average tuition fee per year at UK universities is around £21,111. Some courses such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine will cost more and non-laboratory courses such as English and Media Studies are likely to cost less than average.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements vary from course to course. Different universities will also have different requirements – Oxford and Cambridge have higher entry requirements compared to other universities, for example. Requirements for competitive subjects such as Medicine could be as high as A*A*A for A Levels.

It’s possible to enter university with GCSEs if you apply to a foundation programme. We discuss this in detail in our article Should you do a foundation year?


As with any investment, it is best to scout for reviews of specific universities before committing as your UK education journey is a once in a lifetime experience. You can learn more about your choice of UK universities by consulting with us for free.

Student Life & Student Societies

At the heart of your experience as a future university student is the myriad of student societies you can participate in. The next three or four years of your life will be determined by the culture and environment of your university so choose wisely!

While this is quite a subjective topic, a key aspect that will have an impact on your student life is the location and type of campus of your university. Is the university walking distance from the city centre? Is it located on a campus or in the city? Listen to your heart on what you prefer as these are key factors that determine how you interact with your campus and other people on a daily basis.

Besides that, you could do some research into the student societies offered by your university. There’s no harm in looking for societies that are of interest to you before you arrive. Joining a Malaysian society could also help you network with other Malaysian students and it may even alleviate some of the homesickness you might experience.

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