UCAS Deadline 2024 – Application Dates And Timeline

As we enter the mid-year of 2023, prospective university students across the United Kingdom and beyond are preparing for the forthcoming UCAS application cycle for the 2024 entry. Adherence to the established timeline is a critical factor in ensuring a successful application process. In this article, we will be discussing the key UCAS 2024 dates, offering a comprehensive timeline to assist you in planning your path towards higher education in the UK. Please be advised to mark these dates in your calendar and remain proactive throughout this crucial journey.

ucas application deadline 2024
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UCAS Application 2024 Key Dates, Timeline And Guide

If you are applying for UK universities via UCAS, you have to plan months ahead to make sure your application is a success. Application deadlines are strict so you have to be sure to meet them in order to ensure that you get into the university of your choice.

For many, this can be a stressful process, especially since getting into university is a huge milestone in a student’s life. There’s many deadlines to consider and certainly many more forms and documents to fill out!

To make the application process smoother, we’ve create this UCAS 2024 Application timeline infographic to let you know what are the key dates you have to take note of when applying for a UK university.

The key dates are summarised in the infographic below the video. Be sure to save it to your computer or bookmark this page for future reference!

ucas key dates 2024

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2 May 2023 - UCAS opens

If you are applying to join the 2024 intake for university, you should start planning as early as 2 May 2023. Starting from this date, you can officially start applying for UK universities via UCAS. 
Take note that if you are applying for most courses in Oxford and Cambridge University, you will need to make your application in October the year before entry. That would mean that the deadline is 15 October 2023 for entry in 2024. This date is also the deadline for most courses in any university for medicine, dentistry, and veterinary sciences.
For other universities and courses, make sure you apply before 31 January 2024, as that is the closing date for UCAS applications for the majority of undergraduate courses.

28 February 2024 - UCAS Extra

On this date, UCAS extra opens. Where you’re normally given five university choices in a UCAS application, UCAS extra allows you to apply for a 6th university choice. You can use this opportunity to seek additional offers and re-apply to universities throughout the UCAS extra period.

Reply Deadlines For UCAS

There are a number of deadlines to adhere to once you’ve received replies from the universities. For example, if you receive all decisions (university offers) by May 2024, you have to reply by June 2023. In general, you have about one month to reply after receiving all offers.

5 July 2024 - UCAS Clearing Opens

If you didn’t get the university or course of your choice, or you didn’t meet the conditions for admission, UCAS Clearing allows you to apply for courses at universities that still have places open.

Results Day - A Levels And IB

Once you have received conditional offers from your universities of choice, a crucial moment after is your results day. That is when you’ll learn if you have met all conditions of offer with your final results.

But that’s not all, you must also sit for additional entrance exams (such as UCAT and BMAT for Medicine, if applicable), pass your English proficiency tests, ace your entrance interviews, and write a good personal statement.

If you manage to complete all of this and you’ve been accepted, congratulations! You’ve made it into university!

We hope this resource page has been useful for you. If you need any assistance with applying for UK universities, give us a holla! We provide free UK education consultancy services and we’d love to help you find the best UK universities!

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Frequently Asked Questions About UCAS

UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is an official organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for  universities in the UK.

The UCAS Extra lets you apply for an additional University after the normal UCAS application deadline closes. It presents an opportunity for you to apply again if for some reason you don’t get any offers you don’t meet the requirements.

The UCAS clearing is your last chance to apply for empty spots and courses at Universities after the UCAS Extra closes. It’s your last chance to get into UK universities if you don’t get offers from your original choices.

If you’re applying for any of these 2 universities,  you should start your application process early as the deadline for applications is earlier, usually closing in mid-October in the year before entry.

If you have any questions or need some assistance, we can help you with the application process. Simply reach out to us on our contact page.

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