Roedean School Review, Fees, Results, Rankings And More

This guide introduces you to Roedean School, a leading girl’s boarding school in the UK offering courses from year 5 to year 13 (senior school). Find out key information such as reviews, results, rankings, fees and more.

Roedean School Review

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Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Girls
  • Age range: 11-18
  • Pupils: 625
  • Boarders: 50%
  • Fees: £13,275-£14,745 per term
  • 2023 A Level Results: 55.2% A*/A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 74.3% 9-7


The appearance of the Roedean School is that of a surreal picturesque structure that seems to appear only in folktales. The beautiful institution is located by a cliff, offering a magnificent panoramic view overlooking the alluring Brighton Marina and the English Channel. On top of the cliff lies the school, where more than 100 years of heritage is acclaimed for producing some of the brightest leaders in society, through its exemplary education and extraordinary facilities.

The Roedean School is colloquially known as the all-girls’ equivalent of Eton College as the institution offers top-notch education at the highest level. This has produced some of the most academically successful and well-rounded students that find themselves venturing into some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Roedean prides itself with its emphasis on student empowerment by encouraging students to pursue their passion through the vast number of extracurricular activities available. This complements the quality education that students of the institution receive. Roedean students are guaranteed a holistic education where their views, passions, well-being and diversity are treasured, and the product of Roedean’s methodology is a new generation of strong women leaders that will thrive in their respective careers.

Roedean School Courses and Programmes

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – Year 9)

  • Subjects: Modern Languages, Geography, Classical Civilisation, Sciences, Maths, Dance etc
  • 5 periods of Sport/ week
  • ICT lessons on coding and Raspberry Pi

Key Stage 4

  • Sixth Form
  • GCSE programmes
  1. Pre-A Level Programme – age 15/16
  2. One-Year GCSE Academic – age 15/16
  3. Two-Year GCSE Course (mainstream curriculum) – age 14/15

Roedean School 2024 Application Deadlines

Here are the key term dates for 2023/2024 for Roedean School in the UK:

  • Autumn Term:
    • Start date: Monday, September 5, 2023
    • End date: Friday, December 15, 2023
    • Open Day: Saturday, October 1, 2023
    • Christmas Fair: Saturday, December 16, 2023
  • Spring Term:
    • Start date: Monday, January 9, 2024
    • End date: Friday, April 20, 2024
    • Open Day: Saturday, March 4, 2024
  • Summer Term:
    • Start date: Monday, May 2, 2024
    • End date: Friday, July 20, 2024
    • Open Day: Saturday, May 13, 2024
    • Roedean Day: Saturday, June 24, 2024
    • Speech Day: Thursday, June 29, 2024

Roedean School Ranking

According to our 2023 A Level league table, Roedean ranked 62th among the schools on our list. It also fared well in our 2023 GCSE league table, ranking 90th.

The destination of most Roedean School leavers are the top universities in the UK and around the world. More than half of Roedean students  enrol in the Russell Group universities, which are among the top in the UK.

In 2023, Roedean school pupils scored 55.2% A*/A for A Levels and 74.3% 9-7 for their GCSEs.

In 2022, Roedean School pupils managed to score 71% A*/A at the A Levels and 85% 9-7 at the GCSEs. This is a significant improvement from its previously published results in 2019 of 56% A*/A at the A Levels and 68% A*/A at the GCSEs. Comparing its results from 2019 and 2022, Roedean School has managed to pull up its percentage of A*/As by 15-17% which is an astonishing improvement, especially considering the disruptions caused by the pandemic between these years.

Roedean School 2023/24 Fees

Here is the summary of fees for Roedean School for 2023/2024 entry.

Full Boarding

  • Year 7: £13,275
  • Year 8: £13,925
  • Year 9: £14,670
  • Year 10-13: £15,925

Registration Fee:

£200 is payable with the application, and is non-refundable.

Acceptance Deposits:

  • UK Day (Years 7 – 13): £1,500
  • UK Boarders (B/WB/FB) (Year 7-13): £5,000
  • International Students (Year 7-13): One term’s fee

Early Entrance Deposit (11+ / 13+ Entries):

50% deposit payable on acceptance (UK-based Day and Boarders deposit value). This is non-refundable should the student withdraw. The balance of 50% will be payable in line with the standard entry acceptance deadline.

Charges for Extra Subjects and Activities

Click on this link for details of subjects/activities offered for 2023-24. Written permission of the parent or guardian is required before a pupil can be accepted for tuition in an extra subject/activity.

Roedean School Entry Requirements

Stage 1: Enquiry 

  • Provide full school report and UKiset report upon registering 

Stage 2: Registering

  • Invitation of registration will be sent out upon receiving a satisfactory school report and UKiset.

Stage 3: Assessment 

Year 7&10 & One Year GCSE Programme

  • Entrance exams in English, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • Location of Entry exams: local British Council offices, Educational agent’s offices, or current school.
  • A Skype interview will then be arranged for candidates who complete the admissions process

Year 12

  • Entrance exams in English, Maths, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. 
  • Non-native speakers must sit the Oxford Online Placement Test
  • Location of Assessments: local British Council offices, Educational agent’s offices, or current school.
  • A Skype interview will then be arranged for candidates who complete the admissions process

Upon acceptance

  • Students will choose 3 subjects for A-Level studies
  • Students will sit for a 30-minute paper in each of the subjects chosen.

Stage 4: Offers

  • 2 weeks acceptance deadline
  • To secure the place: acceptance form must be returned alongside with a full deposit

Roedean School Reviews


“My daughter opted for Roedean which has several large departments focusing in Math/Sciences. Also the destination of school leavers tend to get into the top ten Unis in the country. Roedean is an international school, where there is a successful blend of nationalities and my daughter has fitted in quite well.”

Isabelle, Year 10

“I think Roedean is amazing because of the atmosphere, and because if you need help there is always a friendly face to turn to, whether it’s staff or the pupils in the years above you.”

Jemma, Year 11

“Everyday when I arrive at the school, I look at the sea and sky and think how beautiful it is. My mum tells everyone that I go to Roedean, and that makes me feel very proud.”

Moellie, Year 9

“The Sport, Art and academic facilities are amazing and they provide us with frat opportunities, but I especially love the farm.”

Tilly, Year 10

“I have particularly enjoyed taking part in school productions and plays. It has given me the opportunity to become more confident and also to create new friendships throughout the school.”

Portia, Year 8

“My favorite thing about Roedean is that it empowers girls and give them opportunities that no other school can offer.”

Roedean School Accommodation

It is an understatement to simply describe Roedean’s boarding houses as beautiful. The incredibly glamorous boarding houses have been a hallmark for both the pupils’ experience and the parents’ impressions of the Roedean School. One of the parents described the boarding house as ‘incredible, impressive and leaves a vivid first impression’. Each house is equipped with a piano, a common room with comfortable seatings, TV and a kitchen. Parents can also expect frequent updates from the housemistress regarding the well-being of their daughters. Irrefutably, a stay in Roedean will surely leave a pleasant long-lasting memory.

House 1-4 Sussex Square

Year 7-11

Keswick House

Sixth Form

Lawrence House

Sixth Form

Roedean Student Services And Extracurricular Activities

The Roedean School champions women’s involvement in sports by offering world-class facilities together with an abundance of sporting opportunities. A vast 26 different sports are offered for students to participate, where top-notch facilities including 2 dance studios, an indoor pool, an all-weather pitch, 12 tennis courts and even a golf course just to name a few are offered for the students to discover their hidden talents and potentials.

Lego engineering, sea-swimming club and astronomy club are among the extensive list of 128 co-curricular activities offered to the students of Roedean school. Not to mention, students can gain access to the gorgeous Brighton shores through a private tunnel. Furthermore, Roedean School takes their role in giving back to the community very seriously and students of Roedean can expect themselves to be involved in volunteering initiatives in the community very frequently.

Chapel is compulsory unless students of Roedean choose not to get involved for religious reasons. However, Roedean School as a true embodiment of inclusivity, encourages its pupils to practice their own religions freely and candidly; during Ramadan, a Muslim student was invited to give a talk in the Chapel, and many other girls of other faiths are encouraged to practice their religions freely. It is important to note that Chapel talks are very much pupil-led as Roedean School prides itself as a huge advocate in their students’ active involvement as it is pivotal to empower the girls’ advancement in society.


Roedean offers exceptional Pastoral Care as staff will regularly check up on pupils to ensure their utmost wellbeing. Furthermore, Peer Listeners who are made up of girls in senior year-groups and trained by the School Counsellor are available every day for the juniors who find it easier to communicate with people who are nearer to their own age.

Boarders of Roedean school can expect a 24-hour healthcare with a nurse-on-call even when the Health Centre is closed. The pupils of Roedean also have access to the School Counsellor via the Health Centre when needed.

Roedean School Contact Information

  • Official Website:
  • Admission Telephone: Director of Admissions, Mrs Diana Banham: 01273667626
  • General enquiries Telephone: 01273667500
  • Address: Roedean School, Roedean Way, Brighton, BN2 5RQ
  • General enquiries email: [email protected]

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