Oakham School Guide: Reviews Rankings, Fees and More

oakham school review

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Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 10-18
  • Pupils: 1044
  • Boarders: 50%
  • Fees: £36,435
  • 2021 A Level Results: 56% A*-A
  • 2020 GCSE Results: 61% A*/A
  • 2020 IB results: 36.7


Oakham School is located strategically in the heart of the historic market town of Oakham, which is a 5-minute walk from the Oakham’s train station. This has proven to be very convenient for parents and pupils of Oakham. The modern, ergonomic style of the school makes it feel more like a university campus. This has allowed many graduates of Oakham to adapt quickly to their university surroundings. 

The pastoral care at Oakham has been highly sought after for its high quality. Teachers are observant and are genuinely interested in the care of their students. Housemasters and Housemistresses are always concerned for the wellbeing of each pupil, be it academically, physically or emotionally. Helping them are the small tutor groups that also ensure that students are constantly striving for their personal goals.

Henry Price, the principal of Oakham School, said, “At Oakham School education takes place both in and outside of the classroom. Examination results do matter, but our core purpose is to support our children to be healthy and happy and offer them an all-round education.” This is proven by the results of Oakham pupils. In terms of sports, Oakham has many successful teams achieving first at local, regional and national levels. England cricketer Stuart Broad is an alumnus of Oakham. Other famous alumni are author Louise Doughty and actor Matthew Macfadyen. 

Oakham School Courses / Programs

Lower School Programme

Oakham School does not follow the National Curriculum assessment. In Oakham, Lower School students learn from Oakham’s special programme called Jerwoods. Jerwoods is created based on Oakham’s core educational philosophy- Learning Habits. The aim of Learning Habits is to instil their pupils with skills and knowledge that will last them throughout their schooling years and beyond. Pupils are taught in small teaching groups which allows one-to-one attention from their respective teachers. For Lower School students, their journey begins in Oakham begins with the Learning Camp where students participate in a camp, solving problems individually and as a team. At the end of Form 2, students are required to assemble a portfolio that will be displayed at the annual Jerwoods Prize Giving event. 


Starting from Form 3, pupils are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum which allows pupils to explore their interests. The Form 3 Project is a mandatory project which reinforces the Learning Habits as well as develop interpersonal skills. In Form 4 and 5, students study 10 subjects to prepare for their GCSEs. Along with the 10 exam subjects, Middle School pupils are required to take part in the following courses: Sport, Activities, one Service Option and the Form 4 Project.

IB Middle Years (IB MYP)

This programme is for students between the age of 11 and 13. IB MYP encourages students to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Oakham is one of the first independent schools in the UK to introduce this programme. IB MYP provides a wider holistic curriculum that allows students to thrive in university and the working world. 

A Level 

Oakham ensures students have a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills. For example, students will have society talks and presentations as well as the chance to study a chosen subject beyond the syllabus taught. This is essential for students to decide on their career choices in the future. 

International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB)

For IB, students will choose 6 subjects which consist of English, Mathematics, one science, humanity, and language, plus another subject of their choice. Among these 6 subjects, three will be studied at Higher Level while the other three at Standard Level. However, there are exceptions for pupils who want to study two sciences or two languages or two humanity subjects. There are also some who prefer an Arts subject such as Visual Arts, Theatre or Music. In Oakham, The Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) programme aims to foster good values in their students.

Oakham School Ranking

Based on the 2019 A Level League Table, Oakham School is ranked #103 out of 200 boarding schools in the UK with 49.34% A*/A from 184 students, which is equivalent to 91 students achieving A*/A for A Level. Among the top 100 co-ed boarding schools in the UK, Oakham was ranked #48 based on their A Level and Pre-U results of 39.47%.

According to Times Overall Ranking, Oakham was ranked #196. For Oakham’s 2019 GCSE results, they were ranked #184 among 300 schools with 51.88% of 9-7 grades from 155 GCSE students, which is equivalent to 80 students achieving 907 grades for GCSE. As for Oakham’s IB programme, the average point score was 36.7 which is considered fairly good when compared to the worldwide average of 29.7.

Oakham is very proud of their IB pupils, of whom one managed to achieve full marks (45 points) which puts the student in the top 0.42% of the pupils worldwide.

Oakham School 2020 Results

Oakham School’s 2020 academic results have shown improvements from the school’s previous achievements in 2019. In 2020, Oakham’s 55% of Oakham’s A-Level pupils have achieved A*/A grades, an improvement from their 2019 cohort which achieved 48% A*/A. The school’s GCSE students have achieved 61% A*/A in 2020, which is a 9% increase in A*/A grades compared to 2019. Oakham School’s 2020 IB students have achieved a 36.7 point average, which is an increase of 1.3 points from the previous year.

Oakham Entry Requirements

Entry Points 



  • Entrance exam:
    • English paper with short skills-testing exercise
    • Online diagnostic test (Maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills)
  • Interview with Housemaster or Head of Lower School
  • Report from Head of applicant’s current school


  • Common Entrance exam (Passing mark: 55%)


  • Interview
  • Personal and academic reports from applicant’s current school
  • Minimum academic results: Four 6/B grades and three 5/C grades in IGCSE/GCSE 

Talk to us if you’d like to register. We can help arrange a (virtual) tour if you’d like to learn more. Oakham School may request a registration deposit (refundable if not accepted into the School).

Oakham School Application Deadline

Parents have to register by November before the entry year of the applicant. Entrance exams will be held in January of the entry year of the applicant while exams for scholarships will be held in February. For successful candidates, the entry dates will be in September. 

Early registration is recommended as places are limited. The number of places in each level is as follows:

Lower School (Lower One – Form 2): 200 pupils

Middle School (Form 3-5): 450 pupils

Upper School (Form 6-7): 400 pupils

Oakham School Fees

Fees per term:


Winter term

Spring & Summer term

Lower School (Boarding)

Lower One: £8,880

Form 1 & 2: £9,705

Lower One: £9,060

Form 1 & 2: £9,900

Lower School (Day)

Lower One: £5,835

Form 1 & 2: £6,405

Lower One: £5,925

Form 1 & 2: £6,500

Upper/Middle School (Boarding)



Upper/Middle School (Day)



Overseas students


Registration fees: £100

Payment of school fees is due on the first day of the school term. Fees include tuition, meals, textbooks, school activities and boarding (if applicable).

For transitional boarding and flexi-boarding, fees for Lower School and Upper School are different.

Oakham School Reviews

Esme M.

“My child is a day pupil but I can’t speak more highly of the school. It prides itself on all rounders but you don’t have to be one to get the best out of the experience. My child isn’t sporty but has sailed for the school for 3 years and loved it. She doesn’t like languages but managed an A for French GCSE and a B for Latin. The school has a good mix of children from various financial status. I love the house system, it ensures that the school experience is small enough that any issues are picked up quickly.”

Parent of Oakham School Student

“I chose Oakham School for my children primarily for the small class sizes and the family atmosphere – I wanted them to receive individual care and not be ‘invisible’ children who are overlooked because they are quiet and well behaved. I think Oakham School’s two greatest strengths are its ethos and its staff. The school offers so many ways for children to develop as individuals beyond the classroom; it isn’t just an exam factory where getting an A* is the be-all and end-all. I have three children with very different personalities and interests but I am confident that Oakham will bring out the best in each of them. I think the staff are extremely caring and supportive of the children; the teachers do so much more than just teach their subject.”

David M.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oakham School. A great community in a beautiful town. Highly recommended.”

Georgia J.

“I attended Oakham School for two years in the upper school. I had a brilliant experience. Coming from another School I was anxious that I would feel like an outsider, but the teachers and pupils were extremely welcoming, and I fast felt like I had been there for years.”

Oakham School Pastoral Care & Accommodation

In Oakham, the Houses of each child is essential to their schooling life. Each House provides a sense of security and home. There are a total of 16 Houses, splitting equally between girls and boys. 

Lower School pupils have their own Houses on the Jerwoods campus. For Lower School Houses, pupils are watched over by the Head of Lower School Boarding, two Assistant Houseparents and a Resident tutor. As for their activities, ‘Out Back’ is a popular past-time where students tend to their gardens.

For Middle and Upper School boarders, they have a choice of full boarding and flexi-boarding. There are a total of 6 Houses allocated for the Middle and Upper School boarders, among which two are for flexi-boarders. These Houses are built near the dining hall, the field and other facilities to make it convenient for students. Each House holds an average of 65 students along with the Housemaster or Housemistress and the Resident Tutor team. The Houses are fully equipped with study areas, common rooms and a kitchen. At the end of Form 6, pupils will move into the final year Houses, which is the oldest part of the School. This is to encourage pupils to be more independent and develop self-discipline.

There are small tutor groups where 8-9 students are tutored by one tutor. The tutors will work closely together with the Housemaster/Housemistress and their parents to help them achieve their personal goals.

Oakham School Co-Curricular Activities


Oakham offers a wide range of sports programmes that creates competitive and recreational opportunities. Oakham strongly believes that sports helps students to develop teamwork, sportsmanship and competing according to their own levels of attainment. The Strength and Conditioning Coach works closely with the other coaching staff to come up with a training programme that ensures athletes are in top condition. Sports facilities at Oakham include a 40-acre field, an indoor pool, a sports centre, two floodlit all-weather hockey pitches, squash courts, a strength and conditioning room, five courts and a fitness centre. 

Creative Arts

The tradition at Oakham is that those in the Arts will embrace excellence, enthusiasm, professionalism, and participation. Everyone is encouraged to try new things, be it in the Music Department or the Drama Department or the Art & Design Technology Department. For every department, students of all ages will work together. Older students will often have the chance to pass on their knowledge and experience to their younger classmates. 


Charity events at Oakham are mostly student-led. Fund-raising events are held to help more than 18 charity organizations. Each year, Oakham raises an average of £20,000 which is donated to the School’s Charity of the Year and other charity organizations. Oakham supports a wide range of charity organizations, from local charities to international charities such as Macmillan Cancer and Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance. Here, all pupils are encouraged to commit time and resources to charity. This cultivates a sense of social responsibility and moral values in them.

Oakham School Contact Information

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