Wellington College

Founded in 1853, Wellington College was Queen Victoria’s national memorial to the Great Duke and the school’s reputation as an outstanding public school has grown in recent years. Both boys and girls can enjoy all of the benefits the college has to offer either as boarders or as day pupils.

Located in Crowthorne, Bershire, Wellington College occupies a beautiful, safe and completely self-contained woodland estate spanning 400 acres. The college is only 30 miles from London and just under 20 miles from Heathrow Airport. It is also easily accessible from the M3 and M4 motorways.

Pupils have achieved outstanding examination results, thus assuring Wellington reputation as one of the most academically successful co-educational schools in the UK. Recently, over 50% of GCSE results were A* and over 70% of A-level grades were A*/A. The average IB diploma score was an impressive 38.5.

The College has achieved national recognition for excellence in many areas including cricket, rugby, netball, squash, rackets, polo, golf, athletics, chess and shooting. The theatre program is prolific and almost half of our students receive instruction for a musical instrument. Many students are also engaged in textiles, dance, design and technology.

The College’s 17 houses include 6 for girls and 11 for boys. There is also a sixth-form house for boys and separate day houses for both boys and girls. Resident house-masters and house-mistresses run the houses with assistance from a team of tutors. Pupils live in year groups of 10 to 12 and remain in the same house for the entirety of their time at Wellington.

The Wellington Way
Wellington’s outlook is both international and traditional, and is firmly rooted in leadership and service. Although it is a Christian foundation, its doors are open to children of all faiths and all of these are respected. The School’s goal is for all of its pupils to reach the full potential of their eight core aptitudes—creative, logical, linguistic, physical, personal, social, moral and spiritual. This is the key to pupils’ future happiness and is fostered through its house system and in particular through the School’s programme for well-being.


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