Highgate School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

Highgate School is one of the top co-educational private day schools in the UK. Located in London, the school serves pupils aged 4-18, offering preparatory courses and esteemed programmes such as the GCSEs and A Levels. In our guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this prestigious day school.

highgate school review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 4-18
  • Pupils: 1,220 (Senior school), 350 (Sixth form)
  • Fees: £7,365 – £8,505 per term
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 83.6% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 93.2% 9/7

Table of Contents

Highgate School Overview

Highgate school is one of the leading day schools in the UK. The institution has a long history dating back to 1565, when Sir Roger Cholmeley was given instruction by Queen Elizabeth I to form a grammar school ‘for the most liberal education and instruction of the boys and young men’ around Highgate. In the past, the school was mainly a boys boarding school but fast forward to 2004, the school has transformed into a co-educational day school serving pupils from all walks of life. The school has won numerous accolades over the years, including the London Independent Secondary School Of The Decade award by Sunday Times and TES’s Independent School Of The Year award.

Highgate School Courses And Programmes

Highgate School offers programmes all the way from Pre-prep and Junior School to Senior School and Sixth Form. Pre-prep and Junior school courses are designed to provide young students with a strong foundation for their future studies. At Senior school and Sixth form, Highgate offers robust academic programmes for GCSEs and A Levels. Through continuous refinement of their teaching methodologies, the school has produced a consistent track record of excellent academic results.

Highgate School Application Deadline

2024 entry has closed. If you want to join the September 2025 cohort, you’ll have to drop an enquiry on their form here. In your application, provide the following details:

  • When you are able to apply
  • When you are able to visit the school
  • Information required to assist you with decision-making

Highgate Rankings And Results

Highgate students performed at the highest level in the A Levels and GCSEs for 2023, with 83.6% scoring A*-A and 93.2% scoring 9-7 respectively. In our 2023 A Levels League Table, Highgate School ranked 4th in the UK. The school placed 16th in our GCSE league table for 2023.

Highgate School Fees

Below are the tuition fees for the different levels within the school:

  1. Senior School (Years 7-13): £8,505 per term
  2. Junior School (Years 3-6): £7,800 per term
  3. Pre-Preparatory School (Reception to Year 2): £7,365 per term

It’s worth noting that these fees are inclusive of various amenities and services, such as lunch, the use of books and stationery, membership of the Cholmeleian Society, compulsory field work, and day visits occurring during curricular time.

Highgate School Entry Requirements

Junior School

Interested candidates will sit for the school’s online academic entrance assessments that cover English, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The minimum requirement is the average national Standard Attainment Test level for the age group, with reference from the National Curriculum stages of attainment.

Senior School

The standard academic requirements such as passing grades in key subjects like English, mathematics, and science apply. Students may also be required to sit for entrance exams, as well as attend entrance interviews. The school may also request references from previous schools or teachers to gain insight into students’ academic performance and behaviour. Lastly, the school may request proof of residency within the catchment area or local authority for admission purposes.

Highgate School Reviews

Anne Curley

“It provided a liberal and yet a traditional educational for our son! Music and Classics were well taught and encouraged to complement the common curriculum. Sport was encouraged but not compelled onto the tardy! Provided an all round Liberal English Education. A.C.”

Jorian Murray

“An excellent school in so many ways.”

Iman - Student

When I joined Highgate at Year 10, I was so afraid of what it would entail. However, I found the students and teachers to be warm and welcoming and I was quickly made to feel at home.

Highgate School Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Highgate School prioritises pastoral care, placing pupil wellbeing at the centre of its focus. Upon joining, students become part of one of the 12 Houses, where they are assigned a tutor group comprising around 17 peers. These tutor groups foster a supportive environment, offering a consistent point of contact for academic guidance, future planning, and general support. Each House is overseen by a dedicated Head who provides academic and pastoral support, serving as a liaison between students, teachers, and parents/carers, ensuring any concerns are promptly addressed.

The House system at Highgate promotes a sense of community and camaraderie, with weekly House Meetings and inter-house activities fostering connections across different year groups. Through events like House Singing competitions and various other activities, students have ample opportunities to forge friendships, participate in diverse events, and create lasting memories. Furthermore, personal development is encouraged through involvement in the Sixth Form Council, leadership roles such as House Captains and Prefects, and engagement in the PSHEE and RSE programs, which foster inclusivity, open dialogue, and holistic wellbeing.


At Highgate School, sports and physical exercise are integral components of the curriculum, beginning from the early age of 4 and continuing through to age 18. Specialised coaches and teachers oversee the sports programmess, ensuring a high-quality experience for all students.

Highgate comes equipped with extensive facilities spanning 23 acres of green space, including playing fields and the Mallinson Sports Centre. Students will have access to top-notch amenities such as a gym, indoor pool, squash and tennis courts, dance studio, all-weather pitch, and cricket nets. Additionally, the school’s proximity to Hampstead Heath (A famous park in London) provides further opportunities for outdoor activities. Students are encouraged to engage in a variety of sports to discover their interests and talents. Sixth formers, in particular, have dedicated time each week to pursue their chosen sports, fostering a culture of active living and personal development.

Arts And Music

Highgate School offers a vibrant arts and music programme designed to cater to both beginners and talented individuals. In music, sixth formers have the opportunity to participate in various instrumental ensembles, including symphony and chamber orchestras, woodwind ensembles, jazz bands, and choirs. Additionally, students can receive individual music lessons from specialist visiting teachers, covering a wide range of instruments and vocal training. Highgate also offers music scholarships, providing tuition and fee remissions for talented musicians who pass auditions and meet academic requirements.

In drama, students are encouraged to explore their creativity through acting, stage management, and technical roles. Highgate provides dedicated rehearsal and performance spaces, as well as opportunities for students to direct their own productions and participate in national events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The school’s biennial musical productions and diverse range of plays, including classics and original works, offer students valuable experience in theatrical arts.

Highgate’s Art Department offers extensive facilities for visual arts, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and film-making. Students can explore various artistic mediums through clubs and societies, and Sixth Formers can benefit from A-level options in Art and Interdisciplinary Design. The Mills Centre for Art and Design provides studio spaces and a dedicated gallery for students to exhibit their projects, fostering creativity and artistic expression among the school community.

Highgate School Contact Information

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