James Allen’s Girls’ School Review: Ranking, Fees And More

James Allen’s Girls’ School is an independent girl’s day school providing quality education to students aged 4-18. Located in Dulwich, South London, the school has an excellent track record of academic performance across all age groups. Join us as we explore all this prestigious school has to offer.

james allen girls school review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Girls
  • Age range: 4-18
  • Pupils: ~1000 students
  • Fees: £6,705 – £7,575 per term (Day)
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 82.5% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 90% 9/7

Table of Contents

James Allen's Girls' School Overview

Established in 1741, James Allen’s (JAGS) is the second oldest girls’ school in the UK and is the sister school of Dulwich College and Alleyn’s. The school offers courses to girls at the Pre-preparatory level all the way to the Sixth Form.

The school has an impressive array of accolades, including the prestigious ‘Independent School Of The Year London’ award bestowed by The Sunday Times in 2024. James Allen’s primary objective is to foster an environment where girls can flourish and realise their goals. This ethos is underscored by a commitment to the following principles:

  1. Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

  2. Emphasis on Social Awareness and Sustainability

  3. Empowering Courage, Creativity, and Compassion

  4. Inspiring Aspirational and Authentic Lifelong Learners and Leaders

  5. Nurturing Respectful, Resilient, and Kind Individuals


James Allen's Girls' School Courses And Programmes

The school offers the following programmes:

At Prep School: Teaching adheres to the guidelines set out by the National Curriculum, specially designed to accommodate different styles of learning.

At Senior School: The school offers the GCSEs, in preparation for Sixth Form and beyond.

At The Sixth Form: Students are empowered with small class sizes and flexible curriculum to support them in taking the A Levels examination.

James Allen's Girls' School Application Deadline

Applications for September 2024 entry have now closed (At all entry stages). If interested, applications for the next intake in September 2025 will open at the start of the 2024 Summer Term.

James Allen's Girls' School Results And Rankings

James Allen’s has consistently been one of the top performing schools in London and the UK. In 2023, 82.5% of A Level grades were A*-A and 90% of GCSE grades were 9-7, a testament to the quality of education and determination of students at JAGS. The school placed in the top ten of our A Levels League Table for 2023. For GCSEs, the school ranked 28 in the GCSE league table for 2023.

James Allen's Girls's School Fees (2023-2024)

Pre-Prep’s tuition fees are £6,705 per term, with lunch costs ranging from £187.00 to £263.50 per term.

Prep’s school’s tuition fees are the same, with lunch costs ranging from £231.00 to £330.75 per term.

At Senior School level, tuition fees are £7,575 per term, with lunch costs ranging from £275.00 to £393.75 per term.

James Allen's Girls's School Entry Requirements

Here are the entry requirements at different stages of entry:

Sixth Form: Admission typically requires an Entrance Examination, interview, school reference, and GCSE results. Offers are conditional on achieving the necessary GCSE grades.

Age 13: Chance Vacancy candidates undertake the CAT4 online reasoning test, along with English and Maths papers in early January 2025. Successful candidates proceed to interviews in the following weeks.

Chance Vacancy applications can be submitted at any time for non-official entry points. These applications are contingent upon availability due to students leaving. A non-refundable application fee of £200 applies. If a vacancy arises, an assessment will be arranged.

Age 11: Candidates attend a Welcome Morning during the autumn term and take the ISEB Common Pre-test between early November and December 9. Welcome Mornings involve a one-on-one interview, a creative writing task, and an interactive group task. If unable to attend the allocated date, alternative dates can be arranged.

James Allen's Girls' School Reviews

Peter King

“A top academic and independent girls school in the UK.

T. Faleti

“An amazing school which never fails to impress at their academics, sports and music. No wonder they are a secondary school in demand and have many followers

Jax Nelson

“Loved my time at JAGS! Would recommend the school to anyone.”

James Allen's Girls' School Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of the JAGS ethos, overseen by the Deputy Head of Pastoral and embraced by all staff members. Especially in the early years, the Form Teacher plays a pivotal role in pastoral support, focusing on overall well-being and ensuring that pupils feel valued and content. Additionally, all staff members contribute to fostering a supportive environment, prioritising strong collaboration and communication with parents to keep them informed.

For those seeking additional support, the school offers a range of resources, including two school counsellors, a Pastoral Support teacher, and a skilled school nursing team, proficient in addressing various mental and physical health needs.

Extracurricular Activities

At James Allen’s Girls’ School, extracurricular activities are a vibrant and integral part of its educational ethos, offering students a multitude of opportunities to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

Sports: The Physical Education Department is dedicated to fostering a love for sports and physical well-being among all students. With state-of-the-art facilities including fields, courts, fitness studios, and a swimming pool, students have access to a wide range of sporting activities. From swimming to cross country, students excel at both the school and regional levels, with many achieving national recognition.

Music: Music is deeply ingrained in the school’s history, and JAGS provides a diverse range of musical groups and ensembles, from orchestras to Gospel Choir. Regular performances, both within the school and in the wider community, allow students to showcase their talents and build confidence in their musical abilities.

Drama: The innovative Drama Department encourages students to explore their creativity and develop skills such as confidence and teamwork. With a professionally designed theatre, students have the opportunity to participate in original productions and explore various aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, and technical theatre.

Art: The Art Department offers students the chance to express themselves and develop their creative talents through various mediums. With a strong emphasis on experimentation and co-curricular opportunities, students have the freedom to explore their artistic interests both inside and outside the classroom.

Clubs & Trips: JAGS offers a wide range of clubs and activities catering to diverse interests, from robotics to debating. Additionally, the school organises numerous day and residential trips to galleries, theatres, museums, and sporting venues, enriching students’ learning experiences and providing opportunities for personal growth.

Houses: The House system promotes inclusivity and teamwork, with students joining a House for the duration of their time at JAGS. Inter-house competitions and challenges foster friendly rivalries and promote camaraderie among students across different year groups, while also raising money for charitable causes chosen by each House.

James Allen's Girls' School Contact Information

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