Wilson’s School Review: Rankings, Fees And More

Discover Wilson’s School, a prestigious state boys’ grammar school in Sutton, England. The school has a long history tracing back to 1615 and is well known for academic excellence, ranking consistently as one of the top schools in the UK.

wilson's school review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: All-boys school
  • Age range: 11-18
  • Pupils: 1290
  • Fees: Free (State maintained school)
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 81.3% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 94.9% 9/7

Table of Contents

Wilson's School Overview

Wilson’s School, founded by Edward Wilson in 1615, originally nestled in the quaint village of Camberwell, now a part of Greater London. Wilson, a devout clergyman, secured royal favoir from Queen Elizabeth I, cementing his legacy with a charter that mandated the perpetual existence of a school in his name. Despite initial challenges, including a forced closure in 1845 due to financial misconduct, the school was rejuvenated in 1883 under Queen Victoria’s auspices, serving the burgeoning community of Camberwell.

During World War II, Wilson’s School temporarily transformed into a boarding institution, accommodating over four hundred boys in makeshift cedarwood huts. The war’s end ushered in an era of expansion and modernisation, with notable developments such as the acquisition of assets from the historic Greencoat School in 1958, which funded the construction of a new science facility. Over the years, Wilson’s School has produced a plethora of distinguished alumni across various disciplines, contributing to its esteemed reputation.

In 1975, Wilson’s School embarked on a new chapter as it relocated to its current premises, initiating a comprehensive expansion plan to accommodate evolving educational needs. Subsequent developments have seen the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities, including science blocks, a Sixth Form Centre, and dedicated spaces for art, music, and junior education, ensuring the school’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Wilson's School Courses / Programmes

Wilson’s School is committed to providing quality education to students aged 11-18, offering both A-levels and GCSE courses. The school’s curriculum is designed to be intellectually stimulating and personally enriching, challenging students academically while nurturing their personal growth and development.

Wilson's School Application Deadline

Key Dates for Year 7 Entry in September 2025:

  • Selective Eligibility Test: Tuesday, September 17, 2024
  • Second Stage Entrance Examination: Saturday, October 5, 2024
  • Aptitude Tests (Sport and Music): Saturday, October 12, 2024

Entry into Sixth Form in September 2025:

  • All boys in the current Year 11 at Wilson’s School who meet the normal academic entry criteria will continue into the Sixth Form, if they wish.
  • Wilson’s School welcomes applications from boys from other schools transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12, with dates of birth ranging from September 1, 2008, to August 31, 2009. However, the School does not guarantee a minimum number of places for external applicants. If places become available after admitting all internal candidates who meet the entry criteria, they will be offered to external applicants based on their total GCSE points score, calculated in accordance with the provided provisions. External candidates are not accepted into Year 13.

Wilson's School Rankings And Results

Wilson’s School is one of the top performing schools in the UK. In 2023, 81.3% of students scored A*-A for A Levels, while 94.9% scored 9-7 for GCSEs, a testament to the quality of education offered at this institution. Wilson’s school was ranked the top grammar school in the UK for 2024.

Wilson's School Fees

Wilson’s School is state-maintained in the UK, hence, tuition fees are free.

Wilson's School Entry Requirements

Being one of the top state grammar schools, Wilson’s School has a strict admission criteria.

To secure a place at Wilson’s School for Year 7 in September 2025, parents must register their child to take the Selective Eligibility Test by completing the online Registration Form. This form is also accessible via the websites of Greenshaw High School, Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton Grammar School, Wallington High School for Girls, and Wallington County Grammar School.

The online Registration Form will be available from May 1, 2024. The deadline for completing the form is midnight on August 2, 2024. Please note that no late registrations will be accepted under any circumstances.

If the prospective student successfully passes the Selective Eligibility Test, he will receive an invitation to sit the Second Stage Entrance Examination for Wilson’s School.

Applications for boys seeking admission to the school outside of the regular Year 7 admissions cycle are accepted at any time, with the exception of the first term of entry as mentioned above. In-year admission applications will be processed in line with the London Borough of Sutton’s coordinated scheme for such admissions. To apply for a place at Wilson’s School, you must designate the school as one of your preferences on the In-Year Admission Application Form.

Wilson's School Reviews

Moksh Singh

“A brilliant school, in which there is quite a bit of discipline, but they are quite welcoming at the same time, as they have different systems in place so that the transition from primary school to secondary school doesn’t feel as much as it might feel in other schools. The teachers are very nice as well, and they are kind and understanding, and they will always try to solve any of your queries. Therefore, I feel that it is a very well rounded school, and it deserves it place as one of the best schools in the country.”

Andrei C. - Alumni

A very academically-focused state-sponsored school for GCSEs and A-Levels. Many very intelligent and charismatic teachers; incredible school facilities and opportunities for students; strict but fair discipline. I genuinely enjoyed my first 5 years at Wilson’s School.

K.K. - Current Student

“I have only been in this school for a year, but I can already see why this school has such high ratings by Ofsted and such. The facilities here are very large, including astro pitches, large classrooms and a very large selection of co-curricular activities. The teaching staff are very welcoming and warm, ready to teach you in another day of Wilson’s School!”

Wilson's School Houses

Upon entry, each pupil is assigned to one of six houses, corresponding to the six forms of entry. Throughout their school journey, boys remain in their designated houses, which serve as the foundation of the pastoral system and serve as the basis for sporting and other competitions. House points are awarded for outstanding work or effort across all aspects of school life.

The current house system was established in 1981, replacing the previous structure which honored former distinguished schoolmasters, clerics, and alumni: Jephson, Kelly, McDowell, Nairne, Whiteley, and Wilson. Following the relocation to Wallington, four new houses were created from the original six. Subsequently, a fifth house, Southwark, was added in 2002, and a sixth, Datchelor, in 2014, reflecting the school’s expansion to accommodate five and then six forms of entry. The current house names are as follows:

  • Brecon
  • Camberwell
  • Datchelor
  • Greencoat
  • Hayes
  • Southwark

Wilson's School Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Wilson School has established a dedicated pastoral care system, including two tutors per form and Heads of Year overseeing student wellbeing, respect, and academic progress, ensuring every student has access to personalised support.

Additional resources such as Pupil Support Managers, counselors, and a school nurse offer further assistance, while initiatives like the Praise Policy and PSHE programmes promote positive mental health and wellbeing. With a focus on self-discipline, kindness, and personal development, Wilson’s fosters an atmosphere where students can thrive academically and emotionally, guided by a committed staff dedicated to their welfare.

Extracurricular Activities

Wilson’s School provides an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities, encompassing both sports and clubs, ensuring a vibrant and enriching experience for all students. Students can take part in sporting activities such as athletics, badminton, cricket, football, rugby, table tennis, tennis and even compete at regional and national levels.

Outside of sports, students can immerse themselves in diverse activities including chess, drama, Combined Cadet Force, and music. Additionally, a variety of clubs like the Medical Society, the Boardgames Club, Geography Society, and Science Club, offer avenues for exploration and personal development, while initiatives like the Duke of Edinburgh Award and School Visits further enhance students’ skills and experiences.

Wilson's School Contact Information

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