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A New Way To Get A Prestigious A-levels Education Virtually

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Learn About Harrow School Online

What Is Harrow School Online?

Harrow School Online— brought to you by Harrow School is a new way for you to get Harrow’s coveted A-levels education from anywhere around the world, without needing to be physically at the school. All classes and curriculum will be accessed virtually, online!

Teaching will still be conducted by UK-based teachers to prepare students for the challenges of work life and further education through a comprehensive learning program.

The A-Level certificate obtained at the end of the program is the same level as the cert obtained attending the physical school.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for students who wish to attend A-Levels at Harrow School remotely, regardless of where the pupil is in the world. It’s for open-minded students and families who wish to explore the opportunities of virtual learning, and especially for students who cannot physically attend classes in the UK.

The course is specifically for students aged 16 and above (Year 12 and 13) who are looking to further their sixth form education.

Harrow School Online Application Process


Applications begin at year 11 and will be assessed by Harrow School online’s admissions team, based on predicted or attained International GCSE, or the national equivalent.

Harrow School Online Course Structure

Harrow School Online adopts a flexible, “Flipped-classroom” approach

  • 7 lessons per subject per week, each 45 minutes long, broken down to:
  • 5 lesssons: self-study – pupils work through interactive learning content at a time that suits them
  • 2 lessons:  “live lessons” – small group online lessons with qualified UK-based teachers

A “Full-time” school

  • Pupils will spend approximately 30 hours a week learning, including co-curricular activities and homework
  • But much of the learning can be done at a time that best suits the pupil

Example Day In Harrow Online School

The day is divided into blocks of 45 minute “live” and “self-study” lessons, designed to promote the optimal balance of independent and supported learning. 

0830 – 0900: Assembly

0900 – 1030: Live lessons

1030 – 1300: Self-study lessons

1300 – 1330: Lunch

Students have 1:1 sessions with their Tutors and Success Coaches fortnightly. These sessions allow time for checking in with pupil’s well-being, academic and professional goals.

1300 – 1400: Teacher office hours

1400 – 1430: 1:1 with Success Coach

1430 – 1515: Live lesson

1515 – 1545: House meeting

1545 – 1615: Extra-curricular

Evening: Homework

Benefits Of Harrow School Online


  • Academic excellence without leaving friends and family behind;
  • The ability to fit study around other sports, arts or performance commitment


  • The mix of delivery mediums in an online school caters to different learning styles;
  • Online schooling provides a welcoming environment for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


  • Critical preparation for independent learning requirements at university;
  • Pupils develop stronger self- discipline skills within an accountable structure.


  • Teachers have data-rich metrics on each pupil’s individual learning progress and needs;
  • Parents have unprecedented visibility into their children’s education.

Entry Requirements

For applicants who have taken GCSEs or international GCSEs, grades of 7-8-9 or A-A* in seven to eight subjects are required. The school will assess national qualifications equivalent to GCSE, and take these into account. All applicants will also be required to take subject-specific entrance tests online.


The minimum requirements are:

  • 58 on the Pearson Global Scale of English (“PTE Academic” test)
  • 6.5 on the IELTS scale
  • 86 on the TOEFL scale

Harrow School Online Fees

  • The registration fee is £350.
  • The annual tuition fee is £20,000.
  • Non-refundable deposit is £ 2,000.
  • School fees cover all tuition, extra- and super-curricular activities and examination entrance fees.