Bellerbys College UK Guide – Reviews, Fees, 2021 Results

Announcement: Bellerbys College closed in August 2022

Bellerbys College in Brighton and London were closed on 31 August 2022 due to changes in international student demand. With these school closures, Bellerbys College is now closed in its entirety. 

The school was open for three decades, welcoming students from all over the world and it had innovated British boarding education with its university foundation programmes. Former students that wish to make enquiries should visit the official website here. The Bellerbys have decided to keep this page up for archival purposes.

Bellerbys College Guide
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Table Of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 14-18
  • Pupils: 170
  • Boarders: 85%
  • Fees: Varies (refer to table)
  • 2021 A Level Results: 65% A*/A
  • 2020 GCSE Results: 37.7% A*/A


This high-ranking school with more than 50 years’ experience is known for its A-level and GCSE courses along with a wide subject range (art and design, business, management and finance, and science and pharmacy).

Being an international college, Bellerbys encourages students from all around the world to live in the UK, having access to world-class art, music, and literature.

Furthermore, multiculturalism is celebrated throughout the UK and students are able to learn from each other through many different aspects, students will also not feel alone as many students of the same cultures are present in the UK!

Education-wise, Bellerbys has an impressive record of students who achieved tremendously well on their A-level and GCSE with the help from highly remarkable teachers and the intensive academic preparation Bellerbys College provides.

Bellerbys Courses And Programs

Bellerbys College offers the following courses and programs:

  1. A Levels
  2. GCSE
  3. Foundation
  4. Pre-foundation
  5. Undergraduate Year 1
  6. High School Term
  7. Summer School
  8. English Language Preparation
  9. IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Bellerbys College Application Deadline

Applications for boarding places should be submitted to the College before the September prior to the start of the academic year the student wishes to enter. For example, applications for entry in either September 2021 or January 2022 should be submitted before September 2020.

Bellerbys College Ranking

2019 A-level results: 45%; compared to the national average of 25.5%

Bellerbys College Fees


Standard catered (single, half board)£4,079
(Manor House)
GCSE Pathway en-suite (single, full board)£5,714
En-suite catered (sharing, half board, under-18s)£4,819
En-suite catered (single, half board, under-18s)£5,714
(McMillan Student Village)
En-suite catered (sharing, half board, 18+)£3,465
(Paris House)
En-suite catered (single, half board, 18+)£4,115
(Paris House)
En-suite self-catered (sharing 18+)£3,523
(McMillan Student Village)
En-suite self-catered (single, 18+)£4,079
(McMillan Student Village)
En-suite self-catered premier (single, 18+)£4,200
(McMillan Student Village)
En-suite self-catered deluxe apartment (single, 18+)£5,017
(McMillan Student Village)
En-suite self-catered deluxe (single 18+)*£3,883
(Study Inn)
En-suite self-catered deluxe plus (single 18+)*£3,980
(Study Inn)
En-suite self-catered (shared room but with single occupancy)On request
Holiday-time room retention (price per week)£55£55£55 (18+)
Additional Residential Stay (price per week)£297 – £490
(depending on location and type)
£297 – £490
(depending on location and type)
£297 – £490
(depending on location and type)
*(prices per term, unless otherwise stated)   


Homestay (sharing)£1,812£2,132£2,559
Homestay (single)£2,239£2,559£2,985
Homestay plus (sharing, under 16)£2,239£2,559
Homestay plus (single, under 16)£2,665£2,985
Homestay extra (private bathroom)**£3,166£3,507
Additional Homestay (price per week)£155 – £338
(depending on location and type)
£155 – £338
(depending on location and type)
£155 – £338
(depending on location and type)

* £160 admin fee applies
** Limited availability
^ Fees include free lunch only at Bellerbys Brighton. Breakfast and dinner are self-catering.

Bellerbys College Entry Requirements

Bellerbys College follow standard UK boarding school requirements for students in Malaysia looking to further study in UK. Please contact us for more details.

Bellerbys College Reviews


Teachers at Bellerbys offered me full support and help when I was applying to universities. They helped me get access to a famous university.


Teachers at Bellerbys helped me realise that the key points of art should be placed in ideas, discovery and practice, which was very helpful when I was applying for university.


To anyone who wants to have a good future, to achieve their dreams, to have very good teaching, Bellerbys is the place to be. I’m telling you from experience.

Htet Myet

I am extremely fortunate that I made my decision to study at Bellerbys College Brighton. It is the best place for international students who do not have any experience with the UK education system. The teachers and staff are so kind and so friendly that you will get the atmosphere of a real family member. The college provides not only astounding academic facilities but also physical education such as sports lessons, dance club, etc. It is completely diverse with more than 55 nationalities and is one of the highly ranked sixth form colleges in the UK.


Thank you, Bellerbys! I’m so glad I studied here – the teachers were great and I always felt comfortable and at home here. I always thought I might have a hard time as an international student, but it’s been a great experience at Bellerbys College Brighton. There’s many other international students like me here and the college has quite a lot of extracurricular activities for students to be a part of. 


Strong all-rounder school.  I’ve sent two of my children here and they’ve happily completed their studies here with excellent results.


We have just started at this school, our daughter is very happy here, her transition was made easier under the guidance of her teachers. The staff here are fantastic and warm people. It has made our jobs as parents easier. Such a wonderful school!


As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. The staff at Bellerbys are reassuring and we never worry about our child’s safety. I really do have to credit the school for their pastoral care and quality of teaching. I’m glad I sent my daughter here.

Bellerbys College Accommodation

Ensuring students are in a caring and supportive learning environment is crucial to Bellerbys as this helps students to have a healthy and happy life.

Student care at Bellerbys includes counseling, advice on visa queries, such as an extension or visiting a third country, student welfare and more. At Bellerbys, students develop life skills that enable them to become successful global citizens. Students from Bellerbys are known to have matured in confidence and academics. International long-lasting friendships are also established at Bellerbys.

Bellerbys College offers Residence and Homestay options for prospective students. Refer to our fees section for options.

Bellerbys College Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

Day-to-day Support

At Bellerbys, support is always available to students. Bellerbys’ education is tailored to students. Therefore, extra classes and constant attention from tutors are given to make certain students are on the right track to success.

Experienced Staff

Bellerbys’s support staff are also accustomed to caring for international students. Residences for students below 18 years old live with house parents to provide a family orientated environment. Accommodation officers are also present to ensure students are contented with their residence or homestay.

Expert Counselling

University applications are a major part of students’ path to success. Expert advice is given to students for each stage in the university application process, from interview techniques to how to write your personal statement which plays huge roles in university applications.

Welfare and Counselling

Students may be stressed out as they are away from home and may deal with new issues. A variety of student counsellors in the college are available to talk about day-to-day problems as well as help with cultural problems. If students request to talk to someone outside of school, not to worry as Bellerbys will put them in contact with an external counsellor.

To achieve outstanding results, students need to be happy in every aspect of their life. Therefore, Bellerbys offer many extracurricular activities. In this way, students improve academically and socially as these activities give students the fuel to work harder in their academics by offering a peaceful mind which helps improve concentration and retention! Bellerbys college believes students should not only be getting a great education but to connect with their fellow students and enjoy life in the UK.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Bowling
  • Football
  • Camping
  • Ice skating
  • Theatre trips
  • Christmas concert
  • Go Karting
  • Celebrating Chinese New Year

Trips And Visits

  • Visits to London
  • Explore Europe with trips to the French Alps and Iceland
  • Experience British history with trips Stonehenge and other historical sitea
  • Visit theme parks
  • Watch football matches

Enrichment Programs

Bellerbys’ exciting enrichment programs help students to learn more about the subjects you love or even to try out new things! Students who take part in these enrichment programs impress employers and universities as they develop outstanding skills that make them unique. Enrichment activities are a great way to show enthusiasm for your chosen subjects. These opportunities are available to all students and vary from college to college, but some previous activities have included:

  • Senior Maths Challenge
  • Biology Olympiad
  • Debate Club
  • Doctor’s Surgery
  • Business Enterprise
  • Creative Club
  • …And many more!

Bellerbys College Contact Information

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