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University of Reading was founded in 1892 as an extension college of Christ Church, Oxford. It became an independent institution in 1926 and has a long tradition of academic distinction. The main Whiteknights Campus is located in Reading’s suburbs, in a magnificent parkland setting that provides a tranquil and suitable environment for study. The institution also has campuses and facilities located throughout the city.

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University Of Reading Overview

The University of Reading, situated in the picturesque town of Reading in the United Kingdom, is a renowned institution known for its rich history and commitment to academic excellence. Established in 1892 as a merger of several smaller institutions, the university has grown into a dynamic and globally recognized center of learning. With a diverse and vibrant student body, it offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs across various disciplines. The University of Reading is celebrated for its research contributions, particularly in fields such as agriculture, environmental science, and business. Its picturesque campus, set amidst beautiful parklands, provides an inspiring and conducive environment for students to thrive academically and personally. This institution continues to be a hub of intellectual curiosity, innovation, and cultural diversity, making it a premier destination for higher education in the UK.

University of Reading Courses and Programmes

The University of Reading provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes in a variety of subjects. It is well-known for its robust programmes in agriculture, meteorology, archaeology, and business. The institution has been recognised for its contributions to research in a variety of subjects, including environmental science, agriculture, meteorology, and archaeology. It belongs to the famous Russell Group of research-intensive universities in the UK. 

Here are some of the most popular courses offered by the university:

Agriculture (BSc Agriculture):

This undergraduate programme covers a wide range of agricultural science topics, including crop production, soil science, animal science, and agribusiness management. It frequently includes hands-on experience on university farms and research sites.

Meteorology (BSc Meteorology and Climate):

This undergraduate programme focuses on weather and climate science. Through a combination of theoretical and practical instruction, students learn about atmospheric dynamics, climate change, and weather prediction.

Archaeology (BA Archaeology):

This undergraduate programme provides a thorough overview of archaeology, encompassing topics such as excavation techniques, artefact analysis, and cultural heritage management.


BSc Accounting and Business: This undergraduate programme combines accounting principles study with a broader business education, preparing students for jobs in finance, accounting, or business management.

BSc Business & Management: This programme covers a variety of business topics such as marketing, finance, human resource management, and strategy. It provides a comprehensive business education.

BSc Economics and Management: This programme offers students with analytical abilities and business acumen by focusing on economics and its application in business and management contexts.

University of Reading Entry Requirements

The University of Reading’s admittance requirements vary based on the degree and level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate). Furthermore, admission requirements are subject to change, so check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information. Nonetheless, here are some of the general requirements:

Academic Requirements: Applicants must typically have completed a high school education or its equivalent. The particular academic credentials necessary vary by country, however applicants must typically have achieved A-levels or a comparable qualification.

English Language Proficiency: If English is not your first language, you will normally be needed to demonstrate it by taking a recognised English language test. IELTS, TOEFL, and Pearson PTE Academic are frequent tests accepted by the university.

Course-specific Prerequisites: Some courses may have extra subject-specific admission requirements. Certain science or engineering programmes, for example, may demand certain A-levels or comparable qualifications in relevant fields.

Personal Statements and References: Applicants may be required to submit a personal statement outlining their motivations and eligibility for the course of study. They may also be asked to submit references.

University of Reading Entry Deadline

UCAS applications for undergraduate courses for 2025 entrance will commence in early September 2024. The application date for the majority of undergraduate programmes at the University of Reading will be January 31, 2025 (exceptions apply).

University of Reading Ranking

The University of Reading has been placed among the world’s top 200 universities, placed at 169 equal, in the QS World University Rankings 2024. Growing business and employer reputation, as well as an increase in average research citations, are among the trends that have moved the University of Reading up the global league table. Reading has risen 60 places in the rankings, which have been updated for 2024, and is now the 35th highest-ranked institution in the UK.

University of Reading Accommodation

The University of Reading provides students with a number of housing alternatives, including on-campus and off-campus options. Here is an overview of the University of Reading’s accommodation options:

Halls of Residence: The university provides a range of halls of residence, each with its own character and amenities. Undergraduate and postgraduate lodgings are often separated.

  1. Wantage Hall: Provides catered housing for undergraduates.
  2. Stenton Hall: A catered residence for undergraduates.
  3. Mackinder Hall: A catered residence for postgraduate students.
  4. St George’s Hall: Self-catering accommodation for postgraduate students.
  5. Benyon Hall: Self-catering accommodation for postgraduate students.

Greenlands Campus: Accommodation is offered for Henley Business School students at the Greenlands campus, which offers a lovely location near the River Thames.

Private Housing: The university also collaborates with private housing companies to provide students with more options. There are university-approved private halls of residence as well as communal residences or flats.

Check out the website for more information on the 2024/2025 accommodation fees.

University of Reading Fees

Tuition fees are typically fixed for the duration of your programme, unless your offer letter specifies that they will increase. In this situation, the offer letter will specify the amount of any increase and how it will be computed. In general, the fees for 2024/2025 start from £22,350 – £27,650 for international students.

University of Reading Reviews

Names may be changed to protect anonymity.

Maya ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As a Real Estate student at Henley Business School, I am privileged to have state-of-the-art facilities at my disposal to experience. During the welcome week, freshers have already been encouraged to send an application as an intern at Savills! The Student Union and Clubs/Societies are easy to navigate and are welcoming; there are so many choices of clubs for everyone!

Andrew ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University, being a third year and having started in Covid, I still feel like my time here has been fulfilled. Having joining some great societies where I have made lifelong friends.

Diva ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

University of Reading is a great place to go with a beautiful campus and a wide range of sports and activities tables. Students unions are very involved with the students and also provide a great night out on the weekend and weekdays.

Yusuf ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My experience at University of Reading is beyond my expectation.

Omar Sheriff ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really like this university. It was the first international I’ve attended and I am very happy so far!

University of Reading Facilities

The University of Reading provides a wide range of facilities and resources to help students with their academic and personal growth. The following are some of the important facilities available at the University of Reading:

  1. Libraries: Several libraries are available at the institution, including the award-winning institution of Reading Library and the neighbouring London Road Library. These libraries have large collections of books, periodicals, digital resources, and research materials. There are also study rooms, computer labs, and specialist librarians available to help with research.
  2. Laboratories & Research Facilities: The University of Reading is well-known for its research in a variety of subjects, and it provides cutting-edge laboratories and research facilities to help researchers succeed. This contains, among other things, laboratories for the sciences, engineering, and social sciences.
  3. Arts & Cultural Facilities: For those interested in the arts and culture, The Great Hall, which hosts concerts and events, and the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), which explores the history of the English countryside, are both available.

University of Reading Student Activities and Clubs

The University of Reading offers a vibrant and diverse range of student activities and clubs to cater to various interests and passions. Joining these organisations and societies is a great opportunity to meet new people, explore your interests, and improve your university experience. Furthermore, at the start of each academic year, the University of Reading organises a Freshers’ Fair or Societies Fair where you can learn more about the many clubs and societies and sign up to join. Here are some types of student activities and clubs available at the University of Reading:

  1. Sports club: Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, martial arts, and other sports are available through the university’s sports clubs. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a novice, there’s bound to be a sports club that matches your interests and ability level.
  2. Cultural and International Societies: These organisations promote diversity by allowing students to discover and share their cultural heritage. You can join societies associated with different countries, languages, and cultures.
  3. Arts and Creative Clubs: Whether you’re interested in music, drama, dance, or visual arts, there are clubs and societies for you. This comprises music groups, theatre companies, and art clubs.
  4. Debating and Public Speaking: If you enjoy debate, public speaking, or simulations of the United Nations (MUN), you can join organisations and societies that specialise in these activities.
  5. Gaming and Esports: Gaming fans can join gaming clubs and esports teams to compete in video game events and meet other gamers.

University Of Reading Notable Alumni

Author Michael Bond (Creator of Paddington Bear)

Businessman Sir Michael Moritz

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May

University of Reading Contact


Phone: +44 (0) 118 987 5123

Address: Whiteknights House, Reading RG6 6UR, UK

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