Top Boarding Schools In Florida (Updated 2023)

Looking to study in a boarding school in Florida? The Sunshine State’s tropical climate is a breeze to adapt to, with temperatures ranging from a balmy 16-27° Celsius. Florida has an amazingly diverse range of art and cultural activities – it plays host to international festivals, famed art exhibitions, performance art shows, and more. Those seeking fun will also find it here in its many theme parks and sports venues. The state also offers an affordable cost of living and tuition fees, the latter of which have been rated as one of the lowest in the country.

Want to find out more about studying here? Our article Top 10 Boarding Schools in Florida takes you through the top boarding schools in FL that have outstanding ratings for education quality, sports, arts, and more.

top boarding schools in florida

List of Top Florida Boarding Schools

* Asterisks denote an average of students’ self-reported scores on Niche.

All fees shown above are for the academic year of 2022/23. These fees are not inclusive of deposits, miscellaneous fees, and some schools have not included boarding fees in these figures. Fees may vary depending on the student’s grade and boarding status.

1. Admiral Farragut Academy

The alma mater of many world leaders and exceptional people, the Admiral Farragut Academy is built for elite academics with a focus on leadership development. Boarding students can enjoy the company of a diverse cohort and are overseen by faculty members who each have decades of experience. The academy’s most known for its engaging signature programs in a myriad of topics such as scuba diving and aviation.

Mean SAT Score: 1150 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 22 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $25,000 ($55,000 with boarding)

2. The Master’s Academy

The Master’s Academy is a Christian boarding school that is based in Oviedo. It prides itself for its success in spiritual and academic excellence. The school attributes its success to a close partnership with parents and from allowing its students to grow and thrive by creating opportunities for them. At Master’s, they truly believe in challenging their students to achieve their best in school and in life beyond. 

Mean SAT Score: 1200 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 27 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $14,950

3. Montverde Academy

Established in 1912, Montverde Academy is a boarding school that has been rated the number one private school in Lake County. This top school takes a holistic approach to education in which students engage in arts, athletics, clubs, and service to develop their talents and abilities outside of the classroom. Community and care is at the heart of the school culture, so any international student can be assured that they’ll fit right in at Montverde.

Mean SAT Score: 1220 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 26 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $20,370 ($54,775 with boarding)

4. IMG Academy

IMG Academy has set out to be the best school in the country for students to thrive as athletes, students, and young leaders. The educational methodology at IMG is one that is finetuned to bring out the best in its student-athletes by cultivating growth in terms of academic and athletic performance, character, and social awareness. IMG is widely known for its accomplishments in elite athletics and many of its graduates have been placed in some of the best universities in the country. 

Mean SAT Score: 1210 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 27 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $67,400 ($84,400 with boarding)

5. The Bolles School

Rated one of the top high schools in the state for athletes, The Bolles School is an excellent private boarding school for students in kindergarten through grade 12. This multi-award-winning boarding school has an excellent track record in sports – to date, the school has sent 63 athletes to the Olympics and won 154 team state titles and 97 runner-up positions across 17 sports. It is also a high-achieving school for academics with grades that are on par with the top boarding schools in the country.

Mean SAT Score: 1300 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 28 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $23,870 ($48,750 with boarding)

6. North Broward Preparatory School

North Broward Preparatory School is an innovative educational institution that aims to go beyond the box of traditional classroom education to provide its students the very best learning opportunities in school. Students can expect world-class education from this Nord Anglia Education school, which has talented professional educators on staff poised to mold young students into confident, self-driven, and communicative young adults ready for college and life.

Mean SAT Score: 1300 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 29 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $36,350 ($63,450 with boarding)

7. Windermere Preparatory School

Windermere Preparatory School is an academically-driven school with a whole host of enriching extracurricular and collaborative activities. In the classroom, students are taught the International Baccalaureate curriculum while its varied and top-tier extracurricular programs include Performing Arts with Juilliard, the STEAM program with MIT, and the Global Campus. The school’s mission is to provide students with enriching experiences that build a profound sense of achievement.

Mean SAT Score: 1290 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 28 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $25,595 ($67,750 with boarding)

8. Saint Andrew’s School

Voted the top private school in Palm Beach County for the fourth year in a row in 2022, Saint Andrew’s School is an excellent choice for boarding students. Saint Andrew’s takes in students from Pre-K to grade 12 and has students from all over the world, hailing from over 40 countries. The school offers an excellent college preparatory program with the option for students to undertake AP, Honors, or IB. 

Mean SAT Score: 1340 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 30 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $37,550 ($63,310 with boarding)

9. Queen of All Saints Online Academy

The Queen of All Saints Online Academy is a hybrid school that ventured into virtual education in 2016, long before the pandemic. It began as a response to some parents’ requests for the school to take in boarding students, but the school lacked facilities to do so. As a result, a pilot program for virtual education was born to meet every student’s needs. This modern and innovative school has since grown to become one of the best boarding schools in Florida.

Mean SAT Score: 1340 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 31 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $7,757

10. American Heritage Schools

The American Heritage Schools group has carved quite a name for itself in the field of sports, particularly in football, baseball, and basketball. The school’s football team, Patriots, has won numerous state championships proving its dominance in this field. Many alumni of the American Heritage Schools in Florida have gone on to pursue careers in professional football. That being said, its academic performance is on par with its athletics programs, with mean SAT and ACT scores that rival some of the best in the US.

Mean SAT Score: 1380 (2022)*

Mean ACT Score: 31 (2022)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $36,900 ($60,000 with boarding)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top boarding school in Florida?

The American Heritage Schools tops our list of the top boarding schools in Florida.

How do I pick boarding schools?

We recommend looking at rankings and average SAT/ACT scores as a gauge of academic performance. Other important factors include athletics, arts programs, and extracurricular activities.

Is Florida a good place to study?

Yes. Florida offers a pleasant climate, affordable tuition and cost of living, and many art and cultural activities for students.


In summary, there are many choices for private boarding schools in Florida. Besides high SAT and ACT results, each school also stands out with their unique education motto and teaching method. When browsing through the high schools in Florida, it is highly advised that parents check through the schools’ approaches to best match the needs and conditions of each child. Should you need further assistance, please contact us.

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