Top Boarding Schools In Washington (Updated 2024)

Looking to study in a boarding school in Washington? Washington state offers a lot to students, notably: beautiful scenery, plenty of outdoor activities across the 4 seasons, and a lively arts scene. Sports fans will love Washington as it is home to a number of baseball, basketball, and football teams. You could also be one with the local culture and participate in one of their fun traditional western rodeos and festivals! Be sure to pack for the cold weather as it can reach freezing temperatures during winter.

Want to find out more about studying here? Our article on the Top Boarding Schools in Washington takes you through the top boarding schools in WA that have outstanding ratings for education quality, sports, arts, and more.

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List of Top Washington Boarding Schools

* Asterisks denote an average of students’ self-reported scores on Niche.

All fees shown above are for the academic year of 2023/24. These fees are not inclusive of deposits, miscellaneous fees, and some schools have not included boarding fees in these figures. Fees may vary depending on the student’s grade and boarding status.

1. Annie Wright Schools

The Annie Wright Schools are a collective of lower, middle, and upper schools teaching the International Baccalaureate syllabus in Tacoma. The lower and middle schools are co-educational while the upper schools are gender-segregated and the school takes in students from preschool through grade 12. The Annie Wright Schools have been praised for its diverse student body, exceptional community, and school traditions on top of its academic excellence.

Mean SAT Score: 1350 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 29 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $33,675 ($71,400 with boarding)

2. The Northwest School

Northwest is a top-rated private school located in Seattle, Washington. The school offers a thoughtful curriculum that integrates global current issues such as sustainability and justice, creating room for critical thinking and reflection in their students’ learning process. Its Humanities program is notable for its rich curriculum which includes philosophy, history, literature, and more.

Mean SAT Score: 1320 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 30 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $42,225 ($67,190 with boarding)

3. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is an all-girls’ Catholic boarding school that takes in students from grades 5-12. This high-performing school offers students a challenging curriculum and aims to develop their girls on three main aspects: wellness, social-emotional intelligence and leadership. The school also offers varied activities outside of the classroom, including community service, outdoor adventures, sports and more.

Mean SAT Score: 1350 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 28 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $42,950 ($72,400 with boarding)

4. Spring Street International School

Spring Street has been rated among the top five schools in the state for arts. This independent, co-educational school is located in Friday Harbor, a small town on San Juan Island which has a population of just 7,000 people. The school’s small size of approximately 120 students is a huge contributing factor to the level of attention given to each student in supporting their development as capable, successful individuals.

Mean SAT Score: 1250 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 30 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $21,000 ($45,200 with boarding)

5. West Sound Academy

West Sound Academy is a private boarding school that teaches the International Baccalaureate curriculum. West Sound is also a top school for the arts in the state of Washington and offers a number of student societies related to performing arts and media. It has a great reputation for its quality of educators, welcoming environment, and generally high education standards.

Mean SAT Score: 1280 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 29 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $28,240

6. Auburn Adventist Academy

Auburn Adventist Academy is a Christian boarding school located in Auburn, Washington. Rated as one of the most diverse private high schools in the state, Auburn has created a welcoming environment for its international boarding students who account for 20% of its student population. It has been highly commended for its music program and sense of community.

Mean SAT Score: 1180 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 26 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $11,150 ($19,000 with boarding)

7. Evergreen Lutheran High School

The Evergreen Lutheran High School has earned praises across the board for the quality of its teachers and its active athletic and extracurricular programs. Evergreen offers a challenging academic environment, small class sizes, a close-knit community, and quality religion-centered education.

Mean SAT Score: 1200 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $11,670 ($13,250 with boarding)

8. Upper Columbia Academy

This Christian boarding school is located in Spangle, Washington. Upper Columbia Academy is well-liked by its students for its commitment to its students’ development. The school is focused on helping students develop spiritually and academically while also offering ample opportunities in sports, arts, music, and leadership. The close-knit community at the school, along with attentive and caring teachers, makes for a thriving environment for international students.

Mean SAT Score: 1260 (2023)*

Mean ACT Score: 25 (2023)*

Annual Tuition Fees: $10,093 ($18,950 with boarding)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top boarding school in Washington?

The Annie Wright Schools tops our list of the top boarding schools in Washington.

How do I pick boarding schools in the US?

We recommend looking at rankings and average SAT/ACT scores as a gauge of academic performance. Other important factors include athletics, arts programs, and extracurricular activities.

Is Washington a good place to study?

Yes. Washington state offers students abundant natural sceneries, plenty of outdoor activities especially in the snow, and a lively arts scene.


In summary, there are many choices for private boarding schools in Washington. Besides high SAT and ACT results, each school also stands out with their unique education motto and teaching method. When browsing through the high schools in Washington, it is highly advised that parents check through the schools’ approaches to best match the needs and conditions of each child. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at here.

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