Our Guide to Experiencing London on a Student’s Budget – What to Know

Guide to Experiencing London on a Student's Budget
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There’s no shortage of picture-perfect spots and fun activities to do in a vibrant city like London. From a hallmark-esque view of royal palaces, Instagrammable classical art, loosening up on gin samplings, and a taste of European culture through their high tea – all of which come with a hefty price tag for a student.

Whether you’re a vacationer on a mission to explore hidden gems with friends or an exchange student flying off to study abroad, you can still experience “Londoner’s London” without breaking the bank. If you’re a student looking for ways to experience luxury on a budget, the tips below should serve as a map to the best bang for the buck spots in London:

Create a London Bucket List that Explores Free Tourist Spots

London can be notoriously expensive if you don’t live by any budget-friendly hacks in your visit. Jumping from big attraction sites to the next can burn holes in your wallet by the end of the day unless you know where to find the best spots in town that are free of charge. With that in mind, the list below explores must-visit gems that can show off London all while saving your pennies:

  • Tate Modern – an impressive, contemporary art gallery on the South Bank of the River Thames. This is perfect for art students and other enthusiasts as it is home to various modern masterpieces of this generation.
  • Science Museum – perfect for field trips, the science museum is a fun place to explore interactive exhibitions.
  • V&A – if you’re fashion buff who loves all things glitzy and glamorous, the V&A is a picturesque museum that showcases London’s fashion, architecture, and design.
  • Royal Parks – if you want to take a break from your hectic routine as a student, you can easily unwind and chill out with friends at amazing green spaces like London’s royal parks.

Explore Cheap Eats that is Just as Fulfilling in London

Dining at bang-for-the-buck hole-in-the-walls is a crafty way of satisfying your cravings in London. There are various cheap eateries that can save you a few bucks but can still pack a punch in your taste buds, such as joints like the following:

  • Camden Market – London’s largest market, this is a perennial favourite among locals and visitors as it features over 1000 stalls that showcase food, art, crafts, clothes, and records. Buskers set a lively, chaotic, and fun backdrop for the busy market, which keeps the vibe alive while students can enjoy bang for the buck deals at every corner.
  • Frank’s Cafe – Students in search of a hangover cure can fill their cravings at Frank’s Cafe, an eatery that serves finger-licking fry-up dishes that are heavy on the stomach and light on your budget.

In Conclusion

Exploring the electric city of London doesn’t have to squeeze out every penny from your pocket. There are plenty of travel hacks that allow you to make the most of your stay in London without breaking the bank, so long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve. With that in mind, the guide above should help you get started on the right foot.

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