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top boarding schools in michigan

Top Boarding Schools In Michigan (2024)

Michigan is located in the upper Midwestern United States. It is the largest state by area in the east of the Mississippi River. Finding out the total number of private schools and their enrollments in this state is challenging due to fewer regulations for non-publicly-funded schools. However, the state has 446 private middle schools, most of which are religious.

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top boarding schools in georgia

Top Boarding Schools In Georgia (Updated 2024)

Georgia is a South-Eastern state in the United States, famous for its agricultural products of fruits and vegetables such as peaches and peanuts. The state has five college-prep and junior boarding schools serving 2,395 students. Read our guide to the top boarding schools in Georgia here.

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top boarding schools in washington

Top Boarding Schools in Washington (Updated 2023)

Looking to study in a boarding school in Washington? Washington state offers a lot to students: abundant natural sceneries, plenty of outdoor activities in the snow, and a lively arts scene. Sports fans will love the state as it is home to a number of baseball, basketball, and football teams. You could also be one with the local culture and participate in one of their fun traditional western rodeos and festivals! Be sure to pack for cold weather as it can reach freezing temperatures in the winter here.

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most expensive boarding schools in the us

Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The US (Updated 2023)

Wondering what are the most expensive boarding schools in the United States? Quite a number of factors can influence the cost of boarding education, that includes academic performance, facilities, and location. Some other important factors such as prestige and quality may also influence the cost of fees. In this article, we look at some of the most expensive US boarding schools.

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